'Money is not my thing'

Carolina Cruz, one of the most beloved hosts on Colombian television, revealed in the most recent episode of her podcast 'My World, My Traces, My Truth' that she has financial debt.

The 'Dinumum Diyam' host said that her finances are in charge of her brother. “My family and I started establishing a brand that included jewelry, shoes, belts, perfumes, beauty products and more. I gave the management to my brother who had zero experience in business because he dropped out of school. Control of the company,” he says in a segment of the podcast.

And he continues: “We started opening new stores, paying very expensive rent, and starting to put the business under franchise without knowing what it was. Another mistake was that I took money every month so that the companies relied on my pocket. It should not be done, wrong.”

That's what his brother told him at first Their companies' debt amounts to 500 million pesos, the number they paid with effort. However, his brother never told him that things had gotten out of hand and that the amount was 2.8 billion pesos.

I am not a millionaire girl, the money is not mine. At that time I had to sell an apartment and take out a loan, and apparently the sibling relationship broke down. After negotiating with the banks, it took two years for the former queen to pay everything she owed.

“I worked a lot and sacrificed a lot of valuable time with my kids to pay off debt like I never did in two years,” Cruise said in an episode of the podcast 'How I Found It. I owe 2.8 billion pesos?'.

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