Astronauts reveal the scent of space and even create a perfume called Enséñame de Ciencia

Every time astronauts are brave enough to venture beyond our Earth, they come back with interesting stories about what they call the “smell of space.”“. But what does space really smell like, according to your experiences?

For decades, this question has been around Minds It makes me curious Scientists, Astronauts and fans the answers It changesBut certain patterns are repeated among those who have contracted the disease An opportunity to experiment This strange smell. Some describe him as a Smells like hot metalconjuring images Newly wrought iron or machinery in operation. Others compare the smell to grilled meat, which is a reminiscent scent Combustion And the to divide. There are also those who They see more accurate feedbacksomething similar burning nuts, a sweet smell And Toasted Which quickly fades in Huge space.

But why does space have this particular smell?

Scientists have theoretical several hypothesis To explain this eccentric. Someone suggests that stars And others Corpses heavenly launch Residential complexes ChemicalsLike the Hydrocarbons Polycyclic aromaticWhich when interacting with the vacuum of space It can produce this distinctive odor. We are Moleculesis present in the configuration Many starsIt can be transported through space by solar winds and others phenomena astronomicalWhich gives the impression that these astronauts describe.


last theory He points towards him Oxygen Exists in space. Although oxygen exists in the vacuum of the universe in the form of… Single moleculethe Astronauts They carry oxygen Diatomic in their suits and in spaceships. When this oxygen is released and binds to other elements, it can be generated Burning smellSimilar to described Some astronauts. This hypothesis might be interesting to us because it might be the smell of space As a result of the interaction between terrestrial oxygen and the space environment.

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Source: Space Water

What you are about to read may seem unbelievable, but they were very impressed by this scent that scientists had Suggested to emulate the mysterious scent of space. in 2008a group of Professional chemists Carried out a strange mission: to recreate this unique scent in… Lab. after several Experiments And certificatethey were able to develop a A fragrance that manages to emulate the essence of spaceOr at least astronauts' perception of it. This is the way I was born “Or do space«, perfume inspired by The scent of the universe.

It didn't take long for this innovative product to take a shot General attention. With its distinct and clear scent, the desire to know the smell of space, “Eau de Space” It already has a sale to the public.

Finally, though hypothesis And the Theories abound, TRUE is that we still don't have one The final answer About what it really is The smell of space. However, thanks to our brave astronauts Brilliant scientistswe can come a little closer to giving it a try Answer this question.

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