Molotov: Rockers Battle Les Miserables On Stage (VIDEO)

Chilean band members The Miserables and the Mexican group Molotov They collided during a concert in Coquimbo, Chile last Monday.

According to some users version, An argument unleashed the singers’ anger and drove them to the floor. The moment was captured by the band’s followers who uploaded the video to the networks.

Conflict will begin during the show The MiserablesBecause the Mexicans would have taken the stage and interrupted the presentation.

A few minutes later, a man is knocking down tools making a battery, when suddenly another man comes and throws him to the ground. Following this, a team including security approaches the spot. Amidst the uproar, the public started chanting Chile’s name.

The conflict is not just in presentation, but because Claudia Garcia, Singer The Miserables, It condemned the Mexicans as responsible via Instagram He also took the opportunity to thank his followers. “Thank you Benuelas for all the love. A single point is the Molotov mob. Unpleasant, arrogant and thugs have been stalking us all the time in Concepción since yesterday (Monday),” he wrote.

The artist added: “Being three hours late for a sound check and still showing up drunk won’t call you a professional. Not less if you are already 60 years old, right? We’ve played with great bands. Sca-B, La Polla Records, Cadillacs, Assault 77… And no one went to their thugs to turn off our equipment and take us off stage.”

The singer also explained what the Mexicans told them: “We MolotovWe’re the interlopers”, a situation that didn’t occur to him, ending: “Please, shit band …, your musicians and your band of thugs.” Until this Wednesday. Molotov made no public statement on the matter.



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