Andy Ruiz cheated on his wife with Lupilo Rivera’s ex-partner

Andy Ruiz has the spotlight on him, and it’s not because of his upcoming fight against Tyson Fury. Again involved in a scam. This time it was revealed He had a slip-up in a relationship with an artistThis caused him many problems.

After some publications on social networks, the Mexican boxer has recently been the protagonist of show business programs. Netizens discovered his infidelity.

Who did Andy Ruiz cheat on his wife with?

In recent days, Andy Ruiz has uploaded several photos, boasting of a trip to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. However, in the same place Mayeli Alonso, ex-partner of singer Lubilo RiveraThey did the same, so it was assumed that they were together.

And final, doubts are cleared, then In fact they were out for a walk, meaning betrayal From the tricolor boxer to his wife Julie Lemus Garcia.

Despite all the noises ever made, Andy has not made any public statementsNot so the women concerned who exposed themselves on social media.

Pictures of cheating on Andy

What did Andy Ruiz’s wife say?

Julie Lemus Garcia, still Andy Ruiz’s wife, made a video On her social networks to apologize for the pictures that betrayed her husband, she on the other hand sent this exact message: “It’s easy to throw away a family”.

For her part, Mayeli Alonso apologized and admitted that she traveled with Andy Ruiz, but The boxer made it clear that he told him at all times that he was a single man.

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