Mitt Romney calls Trump’s attempt to overthrow Michigan election ‘anti-democratic’

Utah Sen, two of the few legislators in their party who are ready to criticize Trump. Mitt Romney and Nebraska Sen. Ben Sass released statements Thursday night, taking the president to task in an effort to reverse the losses in Michigan. .

Romney’s statement To date, it has been the most direct critique of Trump’s chaotic post – election strategy aimed at defeating the victory of President – elect Joe Biden in any Republican legislature.

“The president has put a lot of pressure on state and local officials to thwart the election by undermining the will of the people, despite failing to commit widespread fraud or even conspiracy before any court,” Romney said in a statement on Twitter. “It’s hard to imagine the vicious, anti-democratic move of a sitting US president.”

Romney and Sass responded to Trump’s decision to invite Republican leaders from the Michigan Legislature to the White House because he aims to delay or prevent election certification in key states that went to Biden.

I ask his members to see what the Trump Legal Committee is arguing in court, and what they are saying in public, ”Chasse said in his statement.

Following the lawsuit, the Trump team did not allege voter fraud or could not support their claims with evidence. On Thursday, Trump and his allies Cases lost in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

“Based on what I’ve read in my filings, when Trump’s campaign lawyers appeared before the courts under oath, they refused to accuse me of indeed gross fraud – because lying to judges has legal consequences,” Chas said. “President Trump lost Michigan by more than 100,000 votes, and the campaign and its allies failed or withdrew in all five cases in Michigan.

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Romney and Sass’ statements are unlikely to signal a decline in support for Capitol Hill and his post-election lies and conspiracy theories for Trump.

Romney was the only Republican senator to vote for Trump during his indictment earlier this year, and was a frequent critic of the president. Sass is sometimes a critic of the president, going hot and cold with the president, but has increased his criticism in recent months, including in a phone down hall with members ahead of the November election.

Most Republican lawmakers have urged the president to take unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud to court, and have refused to acknowledge that Biden was elected president. By the same margin that Trump won in 2016, Biden will beat Election College by the votes of 306-232, CNN programs. He will get more than 5 million votes more than Trump in the popular vote.

Despite that clear victory for Biden, Trump has sent lawyers across the country on allegations of voter fraud, with the aim of getting thousands of votes out in order to turn the election in his favor. His personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, Led by legal action, held a circus-like press conference on Thursday in which he and other Trump lawyers were killed. Wild claims about fraud and voting machines Transferring votes from Trump to Biden – none of them have any evidence or are really based.

Sauce pointed out that the press conference was particularly dangerous.

“Wild press meetings destroy public confidence,” he said. “So no, frankly Rudy and his friends should not pressure voters to ignore their certification obligations under the law. We are a nation of laws, not tweets.”

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