Mite Peroni addresses fraud allegations against Anahi for RBD tour

Mite Peroni He talked about the fraud on the tour RBD. The Mexican group is embroiled in a dispute with its former manager Guillermo RosasHe denies embezzling the proceeds of RBD's world tour and promises “no misappropriation of funds”.

A reporter Fat and skinny (Univision) Mayte asked Anahi Guillermo was Rosas' partner, if she and her husband were Manuel Velasco They are involved in money laundering.

“It's very difficult to make that kind of accusation,” he said of his partner. “I think we should respect more, not destroy something as beautiful as what we've built throughout our history. It's important to have a lot of respect because those are very serious statements.”

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Lack of money? “Yes, that's right,” said Mite. “We are in an audit process and we cannot take anything forward,” he said.

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Maite said that they plan to take the tour to other countries, but will take this hiatus to clarify the financial management of the tour. “Many things had to be put in order,” said the protagonist of the series Dark Desire, The Game of Keys And Triangle. “It's very upsetting for us,” he admitted of the legal dispute. “We have to move on, put things in order, heal the heart and see what comes next,” he concluded.

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