Take a breath before you find out how much a train driver earns in New York

he New York subway (NY) is one of the most famous transportation systems in the world, both by tourists who decide to visit the city and by series and movies that decide to record iconic scenes in its facilities.

With 493 stations, the New York subway is also the largest transit system in the United States and one of the largest in the world. Therefore we ask ourselves: How much does a subway driver earn in New York? To find answers we turn to A artificial intelligence. Here we share his amazing response.

What is the salary of a New York subway driver, according to Amnesty International?

According to twinArtificial intelligence developed by Google New york city subway driver salary, may vary based on multiple factors. As well as the experience you have, seniority in the position, or whether you belong to a union or not. However, artificial intelligence has found some numbers about wages that these workers can obtain.

According to information found by Jiminy on Talent, The average annual salary for a New York subway driver is $59,592.; However, the salary range is quite wide, with the minimum salary being $20,000 for entry-level drivers; While drivers with more experience can earn salaries of up to $100,350 per year.

Subway driver salary in new york. Credits: SmederVac – iStock

We wanted to compare the information provided by AI and found that…

glass door The average annual salary of a New York subway driver is estimated at $57,743, a number close to that shared by the AI. However, the salary ranges between 43 thousand and 80 thousand dollars annually.

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Article published in CNBC He also let us know How much does a subway driver earn in New York?because they did it in an interview with host Natasha Denall With 10 years of experienceshared that he received a salary 86 thousand dollars annually. The interview was published in March 2023.

What benefits does the MTA offer its workers?

the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)responsible for public transportation in New York, offers the following Benefits for New York subway drivers And for other workers: health care insurance, savings and retirement plans, maternity and paternity leave, paid time off, and employee discounts, among many others.

If you would like to join the MTA, you can check out their site Recruitment page To view available vacancies, not only in the field of transportation, but in many other fields.

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