Minister Esen Echeverri on her first regional tour

The full schedule of activities started with the Rio Blanco school educational community and included the participation of fifty people in the first regional workshop to update the National Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Policy.

Coyhike. April 4, 2023. With the aim of starting the first workshop to update the National Policy for Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (CTCI) in the Aisne region, and to delve into the local needs of the sector, the Minister of Science, Aisin Echeverri, the first regional publication of his administration started this Tuesday.

The Secretary of State said: “We are in the process of updating the national counter-terrorism policy and we want to do so with a strong regional character. This workshop aims to the actors in the region, from knowing their territory, to allow us to see how the pillars of the land policy in Aisne, have an impact on What the region requires and take advantage of the capabilities already installed, ”said the authority regarding the meeting that brought together fifty local actors, including academics, researchers, government officials and others on the Patagonian campus of the University of Austral de Chile.

On her way to Coehaique, the minister stops at Rio Blanco Rural School, which has a strong science and technology education. There, in addition to engaging with the community, she co-launched the Call for Non-Sexual Practices in Education, promoted by the Regional Ministerial Secretaries of Science, Education, Women and Gender. “This school has a science-technological development as a hallmark of its educational project. Boys and girls from 1st to 8th grade have shown us how to program with Arduino, how to understand science and how to make their future out of knowledge,” said Minister Echeverry.

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Accompanied by Minister Echeverri accompanied by the Sciences Cereme, Veronica Vallejos, he also met with the Provincial Presidential Delegates, Samuel Navarre, and the Provincial Council of Ministers. Navarre concluded, “We have met with the Provincial Council of Ministers and have been able to hear, from Ceremis, what the concerns and challenges are from the various spheres of government.”

The day ended with a meeting between the Minister and Director of the Center for Ecosystems Research in Patagonia (CIEP) Giovanni Daneri and his team to deepen the work of the regional center and the challenges it faces. and later with a visit to the Aisne Regional Museum, where its director, Gustavo Salvia, explained the state of the Aisne Region Museums Network, focusing on the challenges it faces in relation to CTCI and research.

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