Milestone. With father and son 40

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. continues to make history this season and scored 40 home runs in Monday’s game against the Blue Jays star Yankees.

Only one out of 10 young Blue Jays hitters and franchises in the history of the fifties reached that number, but he was second only to his father, Vladimir Guerrero. Runs, joins Prince and Cecil Fielder.

After winning the first inning of Jameson Dylan, Vladi Jr. reached 40 homers. Vladimir Sr. scored 42 home runs at the age of 24 with the Montreal Expo in 1999, ending his Hall of Fame career with 449 homers at the age of 40 again the following season.

Although Vladimir Jr. has a long way to go, he is already third on the list of leaders this season behind Royals ‘Salvador Perez (41) and Angels’ Shoaib Othani (43).

Guerrero finished with three wins, extending his winning streak to 14 games, much of his career. Guerrero Sr. scored 449 home runs in his 16-year career. Toronto’s Slugging First Paceman was his personal best 44 for the 2000 Montreal Expos when he was 1 year old.

“I have front row seats to watch this entire season,” said Charlie Montoyo, Toronto manager, a Guerrero senior team player with Tool-A Harris-Burke in 1996. “It’s not easy to do what he did. This kid is going to be one of the best players in baseball. In fact, it’s fun to see someone who is already there and very young looking good on the plate.”

At the age of 22
Guerrero, 22, became the youngest player in Toronto history to score 40 home runs, ahead of Jesse Barfield, Tony Batista and Shawn Green, who were 26 when they first scored 40 runs.

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Guerrero became the 10th player in MLP history to score 40 home runs in his 22nd season. The last was Ronald Aguna Jr. of Atlanta in 2019.

Cecil Fielder has scored 40 home runs twice in his career, first in 1990 he scored 51 and the following year he scored 44.

Both figures led the Majors and came in his seven-year career with the Tigers. He scored 39 in 1996, which he split between Detroit and the Yankees. On his side, Prince scored twice with Fielder Brewers; He led the National League with 50 home runs in 2007 and then scored 46 in 2009.

Bobby and Barry were about to join the Ponds Club. Barry, the all-time home run king, has scored at least 40 home runs in eight of his 22 seasons. His father, who amassed 332 home runs in his 14-year career, was very close with the Giants in 1973 when he turned 39. In 1977 he blew 37 times.

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Just like that, such a style

Guerrero Sr. is in the Hall of Fame after a 16-year career with a 318 batting average, 449 home runs and 1,496 RBI.

He was a member of American MVP, 9 times All-Star Game in 2004, 8 Silver Bats, 2 times a year with Expos and 4 times with Anaheim.

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