Mike Tyson’s reference to Donald Trump in the Jack Paul fight

During the presidential election campaign, Former President of the United States, Donald TrumpThere was a slogan that read ‘Make America Great Again’‘, and his followers were abbreviated by his initials ‘MAGA’.

A legendary boxer Mike Tyson Jake Paul confused all his followers after appearing in a match against Tommy FuryWith a hat bearing the same initials as the former US president’s motto.

However, when paying a little more attention, you can read what it actually says ‘Make Africa Great Again’Plus the last A has the symbol of the African continent.

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Causing chaos in networks

Despite this, Tyson caused confusion among his followers who criticized Trump’s hat: one user wrote: “Why is Mike Tyson wearing a MAGA hat?” Another added: “Am I seeing things or is Mike Tyson wearing a MAGA hat?” “There’s no way Mike Tyson is wearing a MAGA hat,” pointed out another. “Mike Tyson wore a MAGA hat to the fight. I have no words,” wrote another.

The historic boxer endorsed Trump in 2020, and “I want to be president of the United States. “Let’s try something new. Let’s treat America like a business where colors don’t matter. Who can work, will get work.

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