Julio Caesar Chavez warns that his life is in danger against Camacho Jr.

Julio Caesar Chavez He had earlier promised a confrontation Hector “Macho” Camacho Jr.. Due to which he is in great danger Sticking to your nose, He pointed out that if he dies in the ring it will be a great climax to his life.

for many years Boxing legend Facing problems with the said joint, it has already been rebuilt, so in the case of receiving Bad success can lead to big problems, Something that would be nice.

“Whatever God wants it to happen, but I’m not going to look bad on anyone who goes to Jalisco Stadium, all the people want and I’m going to do an exhibition If I happen to die above the ring, it happens to every motherHe told TUDN.

“I felt a little scared towards myself, I know the danger I run, It’s a scene, but my nose, with a bad pulse I may have a stroke, I have to be very careful, but I’m already accepted it, I’m already up to my neck, but now I have to pick up on how much or how little I have left a great Mexican champion, “he added.

More than an exhibition

Over the weekend, Chavez and Camacho Jr. had a press conference that ended very hot. There was some tremor And threats, because the American promised it He will avenge his father’s failure Occurred in 1992 at the hands of Caesar del Paxio.

This fight has already become personal, He insulted me, he says he’s going to beat me all over my mom, he’s going to take revenge on his father, The bastard pushed me away and he wanted to slap meI took it personally, ”Chavez said.

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When to fight?

Chavez and Camacho Jr. will meet on Saturday, June 19 at Jalisco Stadium, which will be their last exhibition fight.

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