Vander Franco received an offer for a new team

Wander around is being investigated by Dominican Republic Prosecutor’s Office Because of allegations linking him to improper relationships with minors.

A little news about Frank Recently, they eliminated the Dockers a day before the postseason began.

The organization has refrained from commenting on the player in recent days due to the sensitivity of the allegations.

However, with winter baseball still a few weeks away, Lions of the Chosen One The player’s name was updated on the afternoon of October 6.

Will Franco wander off at LIDOM?

He Special Assistant in the Department of Operations to a selectman, Angel SantanaRevealed in space ClubOnes11 Odds of seeing a shortstop dressed as a lion.

Santana He explained that there have been conversations between the player and the team regarding the possibility of joining this season.

“He can play (with us) and you can’t ban a Dominican citizen from working (…) If he comes, welcome, I hope he comes tomorrow”Santana said.

“We’ve had conversations but he’s still in America. Our aim is for him to play, everything depends on his process and him, we’re not dealing with that part.”was added Administrator.

It should be noted that despite being in the list “Administrative License” By MLBThat won’t stop him from playing in the Caribbean.

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As a closing ceremony, Santana Added: “We want him to get lucky as soon as possible and get him here to pick up the shifts he’s missed in the major leagues. Without a doubt, the guy is a (great) baseball player.”.

Do you think Vander Franco should play at LIDOM while on trial?

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