Mike Tyson vs. Floyd Mayweather: You have to fight Pacquiao

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Criticisms continue Floyd Mayweather for the exhibition He was there last Sunday Logan Paul, Because for many it is a fight Money Was indebted Unable to knock out YouTube They during the match Hard Rock Stadium.

Well now it’s legendary times Mike Tyson, Questioned what he was doing Mayweather, Even when he mentions that he has to face fighters of his weight Manny invited him to fight Bacchus again, The argument that he will make a lot of money Money.

“I think Floyd should be in the game, but I don’t think he should fight a cruiserweight. I think he should fight with his own weight. What is he doing? Fight Pacquiao again Or something like that if you want to be in shape.

I think he will make more money if he fights with Pacquiao again. Floyd did not chase the boy. The big man is chasing you. He has to fight a guy in his weight category, 155 pounds or 160 pounds, ”he said. Tyson In the chat Soap Judah, While Instagram Live with Sop Judah.

Tyson thinks Mayweather doesn’t have a good time

Mike Tyson I consider it Mayweather He doesn’t have a good time getting blows from him Logan Paul, He explained that the difference in weights therefore had an impact Money Received an unexpected sentence.

“Did he box at cruiserweight? How did he train for this? With experience?” When (Logan) attacked him, I think he hurt him a little Because he’s not a 160 pound guy. (Logan) A 190 I think it’s a heavyweight. I weigh 190 pounds a heavyweight. I think (Mayweather) can learn from this and fight more with guys in his own category when it comes to weight, ”he said.

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