Liano praises Marco Fabian, but makes it clear why he can’t play for Sivas

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Hert strategist thinks this is not the time to give the Rojiplanco youth team a chance.

Leono clarifies why Fabian could not play in Sivas
© Figure 7Leono clarifies why Fabian could not play in Sivas

Nowadays, it is possible Marco Fabian Can get the chance to go back Club Guadalajara Reinforcement for this Closing competition 2022, But the chief bearer Marcelo Liano He clearly pointed out the reasons why it is not a good idea for a talented footballer to join his team, making it clear that this is not an issue related to money.

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Technician Sacred Flock exposes factors preventing Fabián de la Mora from joining his current squad, Because it is a fact that they want to ensure a different process Experienced veterans who shelter young people, When the Mexican World Cup player tries to find his best position, he returns to his usual non-existent position. Achieved in recent years.

“Marco is a great player, I have known him for many years, I should be in 2012 To whom Sivas And he was in a great moment, he was a player identified by the colors of the company and no one knew. Today is difficult because the team is set, We are on the second day, the team is already training with a very firm and clear idea; We do not know what will happen in the future. “

“Quality player And identified by colors, You can always get a chance and place, even if it is complicated now, We focus on the players on the team ”, Revealed Registration, As a clear sign that the situation does not have to deal with money Marco Fabian Free and can Negotiate with the team that best suits you and your salary.

Leono agrees with Marco Fabian’s words

A few days ago Fabian spoke to a national newspaper and gave a version of the factors that prevented him from returning to Guadalajara. This is in line with what the Guadalajara coach recently pointed out: “I am grateful to the fans Shiva who knows my heart is there. Amuri Vergara is my friend, his father George, he means a lot; With Same with Marcelo Leaño and Ricardo Peláez I worked at the 2014 World Cup. I have been talking to them in recent days The tone of the friendship was not business, they told me Shivas was my home, But this time they are coming up with a different plan and I have no grudge against anyone.

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