Mike Peroni’s ex-boyfriend Coco appears on Stampbook networks and sends strong impersonation

Among the controversies surrounding the betrayal that created him Andres Dover, Producer of Cell El Sol, with his wife Claudia Martin, Might Peroni, RBD ex-boyfriend who is not quiet, Coco Stampbook.

The musician, through his social networks, Sent a blunt note To show that there is a betrayal in it.

We’ll tell you about it in this week’s print edition Claudia Martin Her husband, Andres Dover, Cheated with him Might Peroni, So they have been separated for several months. Not only that, but the deceiver was also accurate Coco Stampbook.

Someone close to the love triangle told us that This is not the first time Might has cheated on his partner. Well, last year, he recorded the series ‘The Game of the Keys’ and landed on his horns with his presenter Sebastian Surita.

Now, Coco Stampbook has posted a message on its social networks, pointing out that one basic rule is not to check your partner’s cell phone: Dude what you did was super toxic, (Toxic), the most toxic thing in the world, the basic rule of love is not to check other people’s cell phones because they are going to find what you don’t like “, Asked in the video.

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