Miguel Herrera denies Didi Del Tri is going to be a puppet mediatembo

Being the coach of the Mexican national team does not mean becoming a puppet The Mexican Soccer Federation or its franchisees MX League, Miguel Herrera promised A half timeRemember that this legendary version was delivered by helmsman Riccardo Ferretti a few years ago, before leading Duca Tri.

Herrera firmly believes that those rumors spread by Ferretti are unfounded For Bigoton, he felt it He did not impose anything on him in the interim; Further, El Pyojo was already Tri’s coach Since he directed the 2014 World Cup in Brazil He knows what he’s talking about.

“He (Duga) has already passed (through El Tri) and after a long time he does not want to go, He realizes that is not true, decide for yourself who to takeNo one will question you, there is a sports director to talk about what you are doing, talking and doing. Ricardo lived it, he realized that he took who he wantedIf someone asks him if he is imposing something on him, he will say no, because it is a lie (DD is a toy),” El Pyojo said in an interview. half time.

What does Miguel Herrera think about Tri’s friendlies?

For the 2026 World Cup, Mexico does not qualify because it is already classified as one of the host countries. Miguel Herrera points out that it is worth having the so-called molero parties Be prepared because sometimes they can only be planned and you have to take advantage of them.

“Friendlies, suddenly They say you should look for matches with a high level, world class, top 10 ranking, and it goes without saying that you should spend., it’s not just America. Searching for European teams isn’t that easy…it’s more complicated, but All parties serve whether at higher or lower levels; There are times when you don’t get a competitor and there are times when you get competitors who are not so strong but you have to use them because you have to see your team on the field and the only way to see them is a match… That nickname of molero parties seems to me to be given lightly“, he pointed out.

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Herrera’s target for 2026 World Cup

Louse ProjectHe presented to the Mexican Football Federation, That includes his goal for the 2026 World Cup, which he established Play all; that is, Win or worse, finish fourthThat means playing in the semi-finals and fighting for third place.

Always have the impression that Mexico is number oneYou are going to play the whole World Cup, play the whole World Cup, The idea for the final is to win the World CupBut to be one of the top four in the world, you are already playing the whole World Cup, plus we are local to where we have to play,” he pointed out. Herrera.

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