Miguel Caprera took gloves from Shoaib Otani

Venezuela Miguel Caprera goes to the Hall of Fame, but they should put him in the Hall of Fun as well.

Tiger Slacker, who has escaped hitting 500 all his life, had fun with another American league star who is well versed in hitting balls outside the park. When Shoaib Ohtani reached the first floor with a single in the first inning of the Angels-Detroit game at Comorica Park on Tuesday, Cabrera went behind the Japanese event and removed one of the batting mitts he used.

Othani didn’t realize it, and perhaps he would never have been without the other glove that fell out of his pocket while Cabrera was doing his thing. The Angels superstar could not help but laugh, and Cabrera took his hand and politely took the other glove and returned it.

Cabrera may have started the trick, but Ohdani ended the matter in his own way and gradually stole the second base. It was the 18th con of the season and he hit the first run of the game a few minutes later in the same inning.

Cleverly, when Othani walked in the second inning, he first handed gloves to the pace boy.

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