Miguel Bose says the assailants asked him to take a selfie after robbing his home

Mexico City.

It’s been almost a month Miguel Bose He lived one of the most distressing moments of his life when an armed commando entered his house. Mexico City to steal

Remember that subjects are threatening Miguel BoseWhile her children and employees working for the singer-songwriter ransacked her house of all valuables.

The singer broke the silence at the show Ant cancer From Spain. She shared that when she was about to go to bed on August 20 at 8:30 p.m., at least 10 people entered her home, pointed guns at her and her children, then tied them up and stole their belongings. .

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“It was exactly one month ago and we were already sleeping. The boys were sleeping with their best friend and it was 8:30pm when someone woke me up and I saw faces I didn’t recognize and they were pointing guns at me,” commented Bose.

“Suddenly the leader of the gang looked at me and said ‘Chaos, this is it Miguel Bose‘, he takes off his mask and tells me ‘I’m your fan’ and I tell him ‘we’re going to get everything back on track, or the concerts are over’, I don’t know anything at the time. Bad things are going to happen,” he added.

According to Bose, one of the members of the criminal gang started shouting “one selfie, one selfie” while the leader of the gang calmed him down.

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