Michael Salas reacts to his mother’s friendship with Humberto Zurita

Courtesy of Michelle Salas

After speculation about the relationship between Stephanie Salas and actor Humberto Zurita, Michael Salas was questioned by the press about confirming the relationship between Stephanie Salas and actor Humberto Zurita.

The model and influencer looked radiant and happy to share her mother’s happiness, so when asked the first questions on the subject, she only commented: “If my mother is happy, the law of life, the law of life, I am always happy.”

Regarding Michelle’s coexistence with Zurita and her children, Luis Miguel’s eldest daughter said: “Oh, I’ve known them all my life since they were little. Sebastian would go to parties and everything”.

Courtesy of Humberto Jurida and Stephanie Salas

Courtesy of Humberto Jurida and Stephanie Salas

And continuing the theme of love, talking about her emotional life, Salas admitted that she was “pretty good” after being in a relationship with businessman Danilo Diaz for several years.

On the other hand, the young woman pointed out that she does not have a close relationship with Alejandra Guzm├ín, because when asked how her aunt was after falling on stage, she only said: “Hijol, I really don’t know, I don’t know much lately, haven’t I stopped working”.

Finally, Michael Salas said that he was happy to be able to celebrate his great-grandmother Sylvia Pinal on his recent birthday, because, as is well known, the famous presenter is one of the most favorite people in his life.

In September and early October, the world of entertainment discovered that, after many doubts, Humberto Zurita and Stephanie Salas decided to give love a new chance.

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