Mexico’s qualifications after the win against Jamaica in the CONCACAF qualifiers

The Mexican national team Qatar began its march on its right foot through the Concacaf qualifying round towards the 2022 World Cup., After imposing 2 to 1 Jamaica At the Azteca Stadium, thanks to the goals of the Olympians Alexis Vega And Henry Martin.

ESPN offers the qualifications and alternatives of the first starting XI that Gerardo Martino presented at the start of his World Cup run.

The goalkeeper’s uniform of the Thousand Wars with the Mexican national team turned dirty during most of the games because Jamaica were worried about leaving the Azteca ground with minor injuries.

After facing close range with Shamar Nicholson left alone in front of the door for a mistake by George Sanchez, he could do little in the 1-1 draw.

Brilliant match by right-back until the 65th minute, in which a brand defeat on a long ball portrayed him as the closest ‘culprit’ of Jamaica’s draw.

The center-back showed composure in 90 minutes and made no mistakes that did not make an impact on the scoreboard as it was Mexico’s best performance in the first row.

The 30-year-old defender is shown as one of the weakest links when appearing on the field with the national jersey. On this occasion, a loose mark in the 34th place by Shamar Nicholson, combined with another error by Jesus Gallardo, ended in a dangerous shot aimed at Guillermo Ochoa.

Left-back badly entered Shamer Nicholson in a play of moderate risk, which reached the goal of Guillermo Ochoa. Basically, he co-operated moderately with the centers, however, he highlighted a visit in which he was dropped into the area and no punishment was imposed.

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He was given a yellow card in the first half and allowed Jamaica to play unchanged for 90 minutes. Thanks to the small attack of the Caribbean rival, he had little work to do in the control job.

The Milefielder, Alvarez’s partner in charge of one-third of the field, was responsible for manipulating the ball, dictating the times and joining the attack or stepping on that area to connect the points.

Within 75 minutes of his participation behind the center of the forward he was unbeaten.

Unpublished in the first period, he showed difficulties in associating with his comrades; On the left and right lane he created crosses without danger and sometimes forced, with the exception of one pass, Rocoelio Funes wasted to open the scoring on Mori 24.

Support he was very active and precise, until he hit a ball post with a clear goal mark.

Mexico’s first goal game was created in their boots as the mid-distance attempt to jump from the defense ended in Alexis Vega’s boots, with his legs going across the sea and into the cage. Instead, Funes Mori gave him the ball only in front of the frame and blasted the bottom of the right post. Minutes later, Jamaica was built. Goal missed, goal against. He left the transfer to Uriel Antuna at 75.

The left-hander was unnecessarily alerted in the 21st minute as he was misguided from the start and eager to create danger on his side.

His speed and mid-range punching were low on this occasion, however, a resurgence after Roberto Alvarado’s intervention on the right allowed him to open the scoring, lowering the net he signed with a cut towards the center of the attack.

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On the other hand, Tri’s early attacking center against Jamaica left his zone to look for the ball before the national team’s slow start and some chances beyond the forced centers.

In the 24th minute, he failed on one of the game’s two clear chances, after being sent off on one side, a serve by full-back George Sanchez on the right, though without a seal, and he was deficient during the rest of the game. In his shots.


In nine minutes on the court, the bronze medalist in Tokyo 2020 tended to draw in favor of Mexico as he scored 2 to 1 in the hour to give the team led by Gerardo Martino the first three points, shot to the right hand thanks to the team.

Pinata, accustomed to playing in front of the center, was the most disruptive part of the match. A minute after he entered, he saw an aerial ball attached to the head, however, the goalkeeper closed it.

Instead of Roberto Alvarado’s 75th place, the right winger was a sensible step early on, without the dangerous play he co-operated with.

He entered the second half, a few minutes ahead.

He entered the second half, a few minutes ahead.

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