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Experts believe that the administration of the government was successful in the first hundred days.

Guillermo Lasso’s government has completed 100 days in power and international experts have positively described the diplomatic handling of vaccines and investments.

Moreover, Lasso, before accepting the authority, began to manage the supply of Covit-19 vaccines with other countries. He did so on April 26 with the governments of China, the United States and Russia.

Not waiting for the May 24 inauguration is the most important step for international relations expert Carlos Estrellas.

The regime is also fit for the presidency for Estrellas For now Andean Community (CAN) Since last July. Lasso moved to Colombia, where he held talks with his colleague Evan Duke.

He felt that these conditions would improve the feeling of the country. “I think the visits you make in general are positive And it will give Ecuador better relations with other states. In these hundred days, in my view, it was positive; Of course you have to continue, but I’m fine at the beginning. Vaccination is an important point, ”he explained.

Ecuador and Russia are interested in establishing a manufacturing plant for the Sputnik V and Sputnik Lite vaccine.

Since he began his duties, Lasso has sought to expand bilateral relations so that “there is more Ecuador in the world and more in Ecuador”.

He has traveled to Peru and Mexico and has spoken with officials in other countries.

When he was elected he was a Conversation with Anthony Bling, Secretary of State of the United States, Economic and health cooperation and the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.

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In July Sent a letter to US President Joe Biden, To expedite the process of signing a trade agreement.

August 5th Russian President Vladimir Putin met telematically. They drew a map that included vaccines, railway projects, energy, oil and free trade agreements.

Before this conversation, Lasso attended his first invitation to the command change ceremony and went to Pedro Castillo in Peru.

In the neighboring country, Lasso spoke with his Chilean colleague, Sebastian Pinera; From Argentina, Alberto Fernandez; And with Mexican Ambassador Marcelo Ebrader.

He attended the opening ceremonies with the Duke on August 14 on the Rio Mataje Bi-National Corridor (Esmeraldas Province) -La Esperella (Narino Port, Colombia).

Presidents of Ecuador and Colombia open bilateral Rio Mataje-la Espriella corridor and talk about opening up land borders

Recently, He moved to Mexico, proposing to his colleague Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador a free trade agreement.

Ecuador ‘s interest in the agreement was born out of a desire to join the Pacific Alliance of Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

On that visit he took the opportunity to meet him Department of Commerce Thus attracting investment. For example, he spoke with Jose Antonio Fernandez, president of the Mexican multinational Femza, and executives of Arca Continental, a Coca-Cola dealer.

A few days ago he completed his hundred days in power, he spoke by phone with the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping. The leaders talked about signing a free trade agreement.

Louis Penavent, Peruvian political analyst and director of the Vox Populi Consultant Ecuador Looking for “very strong” international trade.

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President Guillermo Lasso spoke by phone with his Chinese envoy, Xi Jinping

“Today Ecuador, with its relations and economic policy, has a very clear vision of attracting investment because it is developing its relations. For example, in Peru I have seen a seminar on investing in Ecuador,” he noted.

Penavente pointed out that there has been greater change in Ecuador than there was at the onset of the epidemic. You think it will be attractive for investments.

With this, Estrellas agreed, wishing that the direction of focus at this time remained the same and would not diminish. “He has directed it well (international relations), and this is not just a start, we hope it will stop,” he noted. (I)

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