Mexico should not go to Copa America for testing: former national team

Former players of the Mexican national team believe they should have gone with the best to fight for the title for the honor.

The former Mexican national team pointed towards El Tri and pointed to the next America's Cup He should not serve the team he leads Jaime Lozano Go experiment and put yourself out there without a good strategy, but you have to think about fighting in the finals of the continental tournament.

Adolfo RiosAttended both America's Cup: Bolivia 97 and Paraguay 99, were strong while maintaining: “The America's Cup It is not inventing, it is not experimenting; “It's the biggest event we want after a World Cup.”

And he said, “Throughout history, Mexico Very well contributed America's Cup This time it should be no different. Honor must be sustained and not limited to reaching the semi-finals; “Of course the aim is to try to reach the end, why not, to try to make history.”

Rivers He reiterated that America's CupIf that's the case, “it seems to me that we're devaluing the call and putting too much emphasis on what's more valuable. It's clear to me that the players have better defined what the plan is. Facing and that plan is defined with results”.

In this sense, he established: “I think Mexico It must qualify and transcend, and it must achieve what is discursively given at a given moment; That is, at least to reach the semi-finals, but I repeat, discoveries are not made in such important international competitions. America's Cup“.

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Let's see what Lozano is made of

For his part, Bralio Luna was clear when pointing out: “Even if it's not the choice everyone is hoping for, it's what I believe Mexico He has a team that advances to the first round. I don't know if he does more than enough. Above all, should 'Jimmy' Lozano“.

“Let's see if there”Jimmy“He really has the ability as a strategist in those positions, because with this group we have to complement a lot of things collectively, individually, tactically and knowing what we're playing. That is very important; He 'Jimmy'You have to make it very clear to these players what you want to do.'

“A lot of work needs to be done on the game plan, the systems, tactically; is there going to be variation, or is it going to adapt as things happen without changing its tactical structure.'Jimmy“It's very good, very interesting.”

Internal competition is reduced

Additionally, Luis FloresDirected by Miguel Mejia Barron America's Cup Ecuador 93 showed that it did not expect much Mexican team In America's Cup.

“I, for this Mexican team I would put the level of rivalry of the '86, '94 and '98 teams from La Volpe, a lot of verses, a lot of verses, but it left nothing for me.

“I think that starting in '98, Mexican football's internal competition gradually decreased,” he said, adding that Femexfut stifled its growth by eliminating promotion and relegation and allowing a large number of foreigners.

“Beat America, for God's sake! When you're looking for that, you're talking about completely different things to me. I remember when we faced America or Canada they would score three, four or five goals. “

He added: “We're doing something wrong, take care of your business, but give Mexican football a little; they're going to destroy it if they continue with the trend of all money, all business,” he warned. For national football leaders.

Flowers In the tricolor of 93, he said that the team had a plus: some of its players were active in European clubs: “We are very professional people, we created a team that gives people a lot of satisfaction. In the playoffs and in America's Cup and the Gold Cup”.

We have to take that 'small' big step

Marcelino Bernalmember Mexican team Participant in it America's Cup Uruguay 95, “Personally, that group of players taught me how to be more responsible. Coach Miguel Mejia Barron always gave us advice and was always aware of the player and his needs. He left me many lessons”.

Likewise, he promised: “As is Mexico We took that 'small big step' and didn't take it America's Cup Not an exception. We have no strength; “Yes, we had good games, but it wasn't enough.”

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