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Up Arrived in the country, with his appearance Guns and roses And with his unprecedented confidence in the Peruvian footballer, we were the pick of the losers. How hard it was. At least two generations were torn between the vague memory of qualifying for Spain and the horrific rosary that played the qualifying round with immediate condemnation that we were going to lose it. Between 1982 and Russia 2018, the Peruvian team played in nine qualifying rounds, last three times in South America and buried national self-esteem deep in the grave.

Then running Peru, getting it out and winning the qualifying round to go to the World Cup is training for change that is comparable to the miracle of Jesus. That work, always consistent, quiet, without pyrotechnics, has already been done twice by Ricardo Carreca and his team.

If the playoffs go to Qatar next June, he will have no place in Peru to erect statues.

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Unknown, historians can confirm it, but only San Martin declared independence by crossing the mountain range, violating the patriotism raised by the coach of the Peruvian national team in the country. His family, who were in the black box of the National Stadium last night, then descended on the field to hug him, as people walked towards their homes across the 45 blocks of Arequipa Avenue, seeing that consensus with Peru. , Broken on all sides, must suddenly reflect in the same place, under the same affection, with the same possible purpose: to make its team – that is, its flag – better than the rival. I know — according to, touch, competition—, to improve his position on a continent – in the fifth qualifying round, a little over Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Venezuela and Bolivia — I doubt that is the most important. , Win what you think. Peru is playing well and saying goodbye, so it would be good to say win. Ricardo Carreca knows this: he has led Peru to 94 games, 38 wins, 22 draws and 34 defeats. His team scored 119 goals, conceded 108 and added 136 points, with a performance of 48.23%.

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Because even though I came here to justify him and thank him, Ricardo Carreca is not the Messiah of speech. Do not succeed. He should win again in June.

Ricardo Carreca: Very happy goal screaming
Ricardo Carreca joined the Peruvian team seven years ago. 36 years later he took us back to the World Cup and after 44 he took us to the Copa America final. The ‘tiger’ is ecstatic and screams targets of two colors.


The kids slept with their T-shirts on last night and today they went to school. Beer stocks at small wineries near the stadium were depleted last night. Last night changed the hands of the Vikings clock of all stripes and made midnight always noon. Last night thousands of young people confirmed with their backs, and now we have Zambronos more than Sergios Ramos, Cuevas more than Christianos, more profiteers than Messi. Last night, the city could not sleep — did not want to — hundreds of merchants made accounts, tried to contact their dedicated banking advisers and wrote their plans on Evernote about the economic impact of this 2-0 decision. In the country against Paraguay, until the playoff rival touches us. Last night Kamarra Not resting. Last night Marathon Must be open 24 hours a day. If that too was declared a holiday tonight, 45,000 people would be happy tomorrow, boasting, boasting of being Peruvians, even if they say no, it doesn’t matter. ., Everything else does not change.

However, last night, the most important thing was that in this difficult country, for at least 90 minutes, in all the other chapters of Republican life, we were able to hug each other and do something very simple and impossible. Look at us with strangers and hug us. Look at us at home and hug. Look at the sky and realize we are embracing it.

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I understand that the new terms of the future contract for the national team coach will not be enough to pay the unpaid. We can not approach an image that can pay for this joy, Nothing more is known, we are going to try it.

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