Messi’s presentation with Inter Miami had 3.5 billion viewers

The Presentation of Lionel Messi with Inter Miami It continues to give people something to talk about as DRV classifies the event at PNK Stadium as a success in the South Florida team’s area. The Argentine star threw a huge welcome party for soccer in America.

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In an interview with ESPN, David Beckham Inter Miami’s owner promised 3.5 billion viewers worldwide for the world champion’s presentation.A fact that represents something unprecedented for soccer in the United States.

“Soccer is the biggest sport in the world and 3.5 billion people watched on Sunday during Messi’s presentation, which is huge, but at the same time that’s what we always aim for”. Beckham explained in an exclusive interview with ESPN.

Messi and Inter Miami will break Cristiano’s record with Al Nasser

With that in mind Lionel Messi’s presentation was broadcast globally on Apple TV+, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch platforms, with David Beckham revealing the statistic, Introducing the Argentine as the new Inter Miami player would have broken Cristiano Ronaldo’s record with Al Nasser.

Well, according to official statistics, The Portuguese’s presentation with the Arab team added 3 billion views worldwide, but now with Argentina’s arrival at Inter Miami, the record has gone into the hands of an MLS club, with no official confirmation of the figure revealed by David Beckham.

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