Results of Formula 1 after the United States GB

Another nice Red Bull weekend and on track now considered Mercedes territory; Seiko Perez will be coming to the Mexican GB in good time

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Alfa Romeo

On more than one occasion, the camera director sent Alfa Romeos. They were excellent entertainers with fierce defenses against the attacks of Fernando Alonso. Antonio Giovinci was back in the front row of points and may have his last major clash against Kimi Rக்கோikknen Alonso. – Victor Manuel McCann


Yuki Sunoda has confirmed that she will be permanently in Formula 1 in the medium term. It may seem hard for him to join the Red Bull, but his courage on the wheel of complicating Mercedes’ life in the last major prize is enough to be on the sub-team. Another disappointing weekend for Casley after a good qualification ruined by mechanical problems. The Frenchman was caught up in his aspirations of wanting a more competitive car. Sebastian Acews


A disappointing weekend for the French team, who wanted to fight to enter the points zone and saw both of their drivers retire to the race. At first, Estephan O’Connor caught just six rounds and touched the prison so he had to enter the pits and return between the last places. He later resigned due to problems. Fernando Alonso was in the same order, leaving six rounds from the end due to damage to the rear wing. A play for two-time world champion who enjoyed two fights along the way, with Antonio Giovinci and Kimi Raikkonen. Ricardo Carino

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Aston Martin

Aston Martin made it 10-13 … not wanting a team that finished fourth in the championship last year. Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll have yet to find consistency on the track, the only reason they didn’t like Williams is that they finished seventh in 2021. Eric Cervantes Rune


Ferrari is already behind the McLaren division. Another solid weekend for Charles Leclerc. Racing for science is tough, but throughout the campaign Scuderia has taken strong steps in the car’s mini evolution to catch McLaren. The closure between the two companies will be as close as Mercedes against Red Bull. Victor Manuel McCann


The only cars that lost two laps again. For Mick Schumacher and Nikita Masebin, these are important experiences leading up to 2022, where the US team has put all the chips. Victor Manuel McCann


The walking team lost momentum and they looked back at the stage in the distance. Daniel Ricciardo had a good weekend when he was fifth, but Lando Norris suffered three days and finished eighth, missing out on a place in the drivers’ championship against Sergio Seco Perez, leaving his third career at a top 4.

In addition, there are two races ahead of them, such as Mexico and Brazil, where Seco Perez can extend their advantage and Ferrari may be closer or higher than them because they have only four differences between the two companies. Ricardo Carino


It must have been a blow to Mercedes, they lost their dominance in Austin and Louis Hamilton was a little behind in his championship fight with Max Verstappen. . Changing the guard in Formula 1 seems closer than ever. Eric Cervantes Rune

Red bull

Austin left many illusions to end the season. Max Verstappen took a brilliant risk and had a big win. On another platform Seko Perez regains the confidence the team needs. Mexico begins as their favorite destination and continues to capture Mercedes. Can they both win World Cups? They depend on themselves with round days like this weekend. Sebastian Acews


This is a great gift that has no goal like the past. Outside of the dots, it’s the season of wanting light and turning the page. Russell goes out for the talented, will Latifi do the same for the irrelevant? – Sebastian Acews

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