Messi’s betrayal and Lewandowski’s ridiculous deal

Joan LaportaFC Barcelona’s acclaimed chairman today boasts that he is the savior of a club that has come back and found itself in ruins. Fools.

Over the months, little by little, some situations that seemed to have no answer were clarified, for example: How to use Leo Messi’s name and brag about him? friendship In the middle of the campaign towards the team elections, when he was elected, it turns out that for more than half a year he could not reduce the wage bill to renew the best footballer in the history of the club?

At the very least 10 occasionsAfter being declared a resounding success Victor font And the company, Laporta, already in his second term as president of Barça, guaranteed to renew Messi’s contract and end his playing career in Argentina as a cull.

What remains is history and today it is clearer than ever that Laporta lied not only to Messi but to all of Barcelona. He reasoned that he was not going.Mortgage” Break free before the club and Leo Dizzy the world

what Changewhat I am boss? Only the current president of Barcelona knows that, but it’s a reality on his back Charges for life The decision to open the exit door for the historic captain and lie under the argument that it is not possible to register him for economic reasons.

own Victor fontLaporta’s rival in the elections and who had Savi As a banner of his campaign for the presidency, a few days ago he announced that he had a fully-based plan to ensure the renewal of Leo, so no one believed because of the “wage bill”.

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A year after Messi’s departure, Barca have spent nearly €200 million on transfers, with Robert Lewandowski the most notable and irrelevant. Not very expensive, it is Ferran Torres, until now, without results, on the way.

Doinappropriate? Yes, it may be unnecessary to clarify that it is absurd to question the quality of the pole here; Give more €50 million A footballer who turns 34 in a few days has to sign a contract for three seasons, three seasons!

As a context and reaffirm what is actually a Good handwriting: Manchester City, as it is unofficially known, paid 75 million euros for 21-year-old Erling Holland. The present and future of Norwegian football, if the two sides decide peacefully, he can play a decade for the ‘citizens’.

Lewandowski, in his third campaign, will be a Qule 37 years, and despite the previous interpretation, it is implausible that he will score 50 goals in a season, as he did at Bayern Munich. Something impossible. Very unlikely.

Yes, yes, certainly at the time of Messi’s departure and now the arrival of Lewandowski, many things changed And the club has entered important money, viz Undoubtedly; It can be pointed out and criticized Try, Emphasis, adjustment, Stupidity And Serious negotiations Bayern agree to release their historic record…

Laporta, not even remotely visible Try When the time came he went out with his hand on his hip.Impossible” Update Leo.

What’s more, since ’10’ left, the manager has collected a series of unfortunate statements about Messi: because he didn’t Sadness He had to leave to the point of doubting his return because he “Consent” from the training staff on duty. Like Messi needs someone’s approval 40 or 45 years.

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As a final touch, though these exodus took place under an ‘indefinable’ administration Joseph Maria BartomeuNote that there was a speech “Update” From the club that is why they removed Arturo Vidal, Ivan Rakitic and Luis Suarez, all of whom are over 30 years old, but not 34 like Lewandowski. Ahh the irony.

In this case, it is clear that Laporta He liedMessi and Barcelona fans… now it turns out we have to enthusiastically With a pole, according to some people close to him, he always dreamed of dressing up White.

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