Merchants admit to Sheinbaum the shortcomings of the judiciary; They ask not to make mistakes in reformation

Francisco Cervantes Díaz, president of the Trade Coordination Council (CCE), confirmed that there is a contingency to address and discuss constitutional reforms, including the judicial branch, proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“The failures of the justice system, which no one can deny, seriously undermine the harmonious coexistence, we know it, we confirm it every day, so we have no room for error,” declared the entrepreneur Claudia Scheimbaum Bardo, before the president. Elected in Mexico.

“We agree to be open about the proposed constitutional reform agenda, including the judiciary, because as I recently had the opportunity to tell the president, legal certainty is essential to building a truly fair country for workers and businessmen, for young people, for people who look to the future with hope, for women who demand peace of mind,” Sheinbaum said. The manager was speaking in front of more than 500 businessmen and women at the meeting.

Businessmen and women from Mexico offer their experience and vision to create contingencies from this transition period.

The meeting with Claudia Sheimbaum was attended by businessmen and women at the highest levels of the most diverse economic, financial, commercial, industrial sectors, associations and people who are symbols of the private sector of Mexico.

Diplomatic representatives and representatives of the international community who maintain relations and trade with Mexico also arrived.

“Businessmen and women, we want to establish a relationship with you for the next six years, based on the certainty of the future, the unity and trust of all Mexicans,” said Cervantes Díaz.

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With confidence, determination and solidarity, Scheinbaum can count on the support and recognition of his leadership and his government, the business representative said, as Mexico moves through a phase of great opportunity.

“Each election is a clear mandate from Mexico. In these elections, the community, without distinction, has spoken in favor of continuing with the social policy and supporting the shared prosperity plan that you have proposed to promote the development of our country,” he said.

The president of the CCE added that the clear election result shows that Mexico is a fundamentally united country, with great strength in uniting its people territorially, demographically and socially, ready to work together to move forward.

“After the last presidential election, the mandate to address the most felt social needs of the Mexican people was clear,” he noted.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accepted the mandate with exemplary determination and deep passion for Mexico.

“During his administration, it is fair to acknowledge that the President has always listened with interest and open-mindedness to important issues and initiatives of the business sector,” he said.

Always in conversation, they sought to advance the welfare of Mexicans, as well as by working as a team they coordinated historic efforts such as a significant increase in salaries in the country.

Likewise, he asserted that the USMCA and the executive branch in favor of free trade were more appropriate.

“Together with President López Obrador, we launched an era of development with an emphasis on social commitment, Dr. Scheimbon, with you as the next president of Mexico, the Business Integration Council confirms its desire to continue working with a sense of community. , decisively engage in the shared prosperity agenda it proposes,” concluded Francisco Cervantes Díaz. .

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