Melissa Paredes will host ‘Préndete’ with Karla Tarazona and ‘Metiche’: this is how it was announced

Melissa Paredes hosts the magazine with Carla Tarazona and “Metichi”. Pan American TV

New program coming Pan American TV He is about “Turn it on.” This new space will replace “D” tomorrow The journal they led Carla Tarazona, Cort Villavicencio “Metichi” and Adriana Quevedo. The three drivers have been in charge of this program for a year and said goodbye on December 23, 2022.

In addition, he learned that the program would not continue, but they were surprised to reveal that he would be starting a new production. For this new space, which he will be in charge with Corte Villavicencio with Carla Tarazona, he knew that Adriana Quevedo She is not called to continue, a new character will arrive in her place.

Thus, in promotion of the new program presented on Thursday January 5th via Panamericana Televisión, Carla and Nosy He announced the premiere of “Préndete” for this Monday, January 9th at 10:30 a.m So it will be the direct competition for “America’s Hoy”.

What drew attention, however, was the announcement of the new driver who would complete the team. This is confirmed Melissa Paredes. Model returns to driving after being removed from her ampay program Ethel Pozo Anthony Aranda.

In the promotional video for the new programme, the model is shown first with his back turned as a puzzle before being presented. Then, other parts of his body finally appear before the cameras and announce his return to driving in style.

“This year 2023 we are all ‘on’. Get ready because from Monday January 9th at 10:30 am you will be the protagonist and only for the Panamericana,” the actress is heard saying in the presentation clip.

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Melissa Paredes hosts the new Panamericana show.

The promotional video was shared at Social media from the channel and surprised users by showing their support for the host in this new challenge. Many noted that the model was a success and emphasized that this is a new year in which you need to get back to work.

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“Okay Melissa, now to sweep the driving schedule”, “It’s already a new year and you deserve to start from scratch”, “It’s time to see Melissa on Peruvian TV”, “Melissa is successful”, “Come on and welcome Melissa”, were some of the comments .

Melissa Paredes receives user support on social networks.  (instagram)
Melissa Paredes receives user support on social networks. (instagram)

Through their social networks, the an actress He also shared the news and was very happy about this return to leadership.

“This Monday we will meet again at Brentett from 10:30 in the Pan Americana with Carla Tarazona and Nosy. It will be nice to meet again, to see each other again, always remembering never to leave the goal, on the contrary, to increase the effort. Let’s start with everything!2023, he wrote in his post.

Melissa Paredes announces her return to television.  (instagram)
Melissa Paredes announces her return to television. (instagram)

In an interview with Infobae, Melissa Paredes She spoke about the possibility of working for Panamericana Televisión after visiting the channel as a guest on the magazine. The model has indicated that she will accept the offer that suits her best and this means that her presence is a positive contribution.

“I am happy with the work that has been put in front of me. If you consider it a suitable suggestion and will contribute to my return, I will be glad and, above all, grateful. I’ve felt a lot of affection from people and that encourages me. I feel like I’m going to start on the right foot in 2023,” he commented on our moderator before confirming his acceptance.

In 2021, the actress begins a new challenge as the host of América Televisión. Melissa Paredes managed to win the affection of the audience and worked with a good team Ethel Puzo and Janet Barbosa. However, it was the alleged infidelity scandal that left her off the show.

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In October of the same year, the model was caught making passionate kisses with then dancer from Reinas del Show, Anthony Aranda. By then, it was known that Melissa Paredes continued her intense relationship with Rodrigo Cuba, which she was accused of being unfaithful.

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The day after Ampai aired on Magaly Medina, the actress reappeared “America Today” To defend himself and present his version. After these remarks, she did not return as host and only appeared a few times to make some points in this situation. Subsequently, it was announced that it had been withdrawn because it “did not meet the profile the program needed”.

Melissa paredes can drive again on
Melissa Paredes can drive again on America Hwy.

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