Addition and withdrawal of 10 clubs of the National League of Honduras for the Clausura 2023 tournament


Competition Honduran National League In his championship 2023 ends It kicks off on Saturday, January 21, so clubs still have time to detail their signings.

However, there are clubs that already have their full squads in the competition where relegation to the ‘B’ of Honduran football is defined.

Teams like Motagua They have cleaned up their squad to face the upcoming competition well. They have dropped 10 players from their squad and have confirmed three bookings so far.

Champion Olympia Bets are confirmed on everything Kevin Lopez Y Edwin SolanoFootball players of stature Alexey Vega Y Jacques Jean Baptiste.

Registration and disposal in Honduras for 2022 closure

✅ Higher levels

Kevin Lopez (liaison, Guatemala)

Edwin Solano (Marathon)

❎ Low

Michael Chirinos

Andre Orellana

✅ Higher levels

Kevin Alvarez (Real Spain)

Cristian Gutierrez (Judicalpa FC)

Lucas Campana (Argentina)

❎ Low

Denil Maldonado

Fabrizio Galindo

Hugo Caballero Jr.

Jason Sanchez

Jesse Moncada

Juan Gomez

Oscar Garcia

Angel Tejeda

Mauro Ortiz (Argentina)

Fabrizio Brenner (Argentina)

✅ Higher levels

Alan Panegas (Win)

Gilmer Pen (UPN)

Marco Tulio Vega (Win)

Junior Lagayo (Real Spain)

Andre Orellana (Olympia, on loan)

Edis Ibargüen (Colombian)

John Jairo Jimenez (Ecuador)

Solomon Nasser (DT)

Nerlin Membrano (AT)

❎ Low

Brian Castillo

Brian Barrios

Byron Rodriguez

Edwin Solano

Elmer Caity

Rafael Garcia (Uruguayan)

Lucas Campana (Argentina)

Juan Vieira (Argentina)

Manuel Giosian (DD)

✅ Higher levels

German Eagle (Argentina)

Ladoro Gualvo (Argentina)

Harold Fonseca (Win)

Nelson Munoz (Life)

❎ Low

Sandro Carcamo

Earlene Gutierrez

Manor Cabrera

Arnold Alvarez

Juan Lasso (Colombian)

Mathias Quinteros (Argentina)

✅ Higher levels

Giovanni Martinez (Honduras Progress)

Unni Dolmo (Honduras Progress)

Jesse Moncada (Motagua)

Oscar Garcia (Motagua)

Brian Barrios (Marathon)

Josué Villafranca (win)

Hilder Collen (Win)

Jair Mosquera (Colombian)

❎ Low

Alexander Aguilar

Carlos “Muma” Fernandez

Michael Osorio

Roberto Lopez

Nelson Munoz

Rafael Zuniga

Carlos “Gullit” Pena (Mexican)

Inbamara Camara (Guinea-Bissau)

✅ Higher levels

Alexander Aguilar (Life)

Marlon Ramirez (Tulsa FC, USA)

Roberto Lopez (Life)

Elmer Caity (Marathon)

Hector Aranda (Plattens)

Hector Vargas (DD)

❎ Low

Alan Panegas

Carlos Roces

Harold Fonseca

Joshua Villafranca

Hilder colon

Danilo Tobias

Arnoldo Urbina

Marco Tulio Vega

Wilmer Crisanto

Solomon Nasser (DT)

✅ Higher levels

Fabricio Galindo (Motagua, loan)

Jason Sanchez (Motagua, on loan)

Juan Gomez (Motagua, on loan)

Brian Castillo (Marathon, loan)

Luis Garrido (Real Spain)

Rafael Zuniga (Life)

Carlos Ibarcuen (Colombian)

Dewey Palanta (Colombian)

Miguel Medina (Colombian)

Juan Mora (Colombian)

❎ Low

Giovanni Martinez

Yunni Dolmo

Edwin Maldonado

Leslie Heraldes (Panamanian)

Yodel Perez (Colombian)

Andres Salazar (Colombian)

✅ Higher levels

Arnold Melendez (inactive)

Carlos Roces (win)

❎ Low

Andres Garcia

Iverson Alvarez

Jeancarlo Vargas

Gilmer pen

Luis Alvarez

Pavel Rog

Xavi Torres

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