Meghan Markle’s friend reveals what the Sussexes’ wedding was really like

A A close friend of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex He shared the latest details of the wedding, his opinion on the couple, their relationship status and what he feels about the two. Meghan and Harry Recently returned home from attending Montecito Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in London Being in England caused a lot of controversy.

A friend who gave his house to the Dukes of Sussex after leaving the crown breaks the silence

Tyler Perry, A famous Hollywood film producer sheltered the couple when they decided to leave the royal family and move to America. It was he who lent his house to stay until they bought their house in Montecito.

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Dukes of Sussex. Photo: AFP

They reveal that Meghan and Harry’s departure was a very difficult moment for the couple

While staying at the Beverly Ridge Estate, Perry also provided her security detail, protecting the couple from being harassed by the press or paparazzi. Because he could see the couple closely and see their performance or behavior.

And Tyler was initially quiet about his close friendship Dukes of Sussex, has now admitted some details about her intimate life at the wedding, such as how difficult it was for them to leave the royal family. “It’s been a very difficult time for them,” Perry, 53, said on “Today with Hoda & Jenna.”

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Harry and Meghan at Queen Elizabeth's funeral
Harry and Meghan at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Photo: AFP

The love of the Dukes of Sussex helped them face their problems

Including the love they have Harry and Meghan It is very unique and special because it helped them to get out of this situation. “I know about both of them and I want the world to know how much they love each other: these two love each other. The love they have is so touching and I want to do everything I can to support them,” Tyler said.

“If I don’t have it, what she and Harry have, I don’t want it, it’s really amazing,” she added.

Princes of Wales and Dukes of Sussex
Princes of Wales and Dukes of Sussex. Photo: AFP

The secret language of the Dukes of Sussex

The filmmaker’s statement reaffirms recent analyzes by experts in nonverbal language Harry and Meghan There is a secret wordless language that shows they are still deeply in love and united. So they are building a strong and united front despite the recent tribulations they have faced.

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