Mechatronics: Discover all about the science behind robotics and human prosthetics

In the world, robotic hands, arms or legs are manufactured for many people with disabilities. All about this fascinating topic in the latest episode of the podcast “Ciencia al Día” on the RPP channel.

Written by: Herles Alvarez Bazán

Mechatronics is a technological system that integrates mechanics, electronics, computing and automatic control to design and build intelligent systems and products.

Thanks to this science, many important advances have been achieved – and are still being achieved – which until a few decades ago were only possible in science fiction novels or film production.

From mobile robots that increasingly imitate humans, to prosthetics or robotic limbs that mimic human functions almost perfectly, mechatronics today has made it possible to realize technological fantasies that appear, for example, in stories such as “Star Wars”, “Terminator” or “I ,” Robot”.

To address this topic, the Ciencia al Día podcast features guest engineer Enzo Romero, Managing Director of LAT Bionics, who has dedicated his career to developing affordable and accessible bionic technologies.

Through his work, Romero not only changes people’s lives, but also challenges the boundaries of what is possible in electronics and mechatronics in Peru.

These fascinating developments raise interesting and, above all, difficult questions about what the world of robotics increasingly represents. For example: Will we rely on robots? Or even more so: will robots end up replacing and surpassing humans? We discuss these questions in Ciencia al Día.

Watch the full episode here.

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