Measures taken by the government to control Haitian immigration

The Dominican Republic is taking steps to reduce immigration Haiti, At a time when the country is experiencing a crisis of insecurity and political instability.

The decisions were not made all at once, but were announced as the situation in Haiti escalated and the international community did not respond to a call from the Dominican Republic.

“RD will continue the announced program with drastic immigration measures”, Warned President Louis Abinader, who called on forces such as the United States, France, Canada and the European Union to act “urgently” in Haiti.


Presented by the National Migration Council (CNM) at the end of September Within three months Companies and employers need to regulate their foreign workers.

According to the Second National Migrant Survey (ENI-2017), Haitian workers have accumulated a significant share of workers in the agricultural and construction sectors.

CNM also warned that 80% of company employees must be Dominican and others foreigners, as specified in labor law.

Similarly, foreign women were barred from entering the country after six months of pregnancy because it was an “unfair burden on public funds”.

Adds to the suspension list of the special Haitian student visa program. This is a project launched in May this year Free magazine To reveal Despite the fact that Haitian students represent a higher proportion of foreign students, they receive lower student visas.

Louis Abinader explained that the move was made for security reasons, to check who is being issued a visa, and to prevent gang members from leaking. He added that the renewal would not be automatic.

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The most recent measures include auditing the National Regulatory Commission to determine whether eligible individuals are eligible. More than 200,000 foreigners were registered, the majority being Haitians.

The National Migration Council will set up 38 offices across the national territory to identify all foreigners.

It restricts access to public hospitals across the country only for emergencies and for irregular immigrants.

Thousands of men on the border

Maj. Gen. Julio Ernesto Florian Perez, general commander of the Dominican Army, announced that more than 12,000 men were scattered across the border from Montague to the Federals.

Yesterday, Friday, the Security and National Security Council launched Operation Gabion for the second time, ordering it to strengthen security on land, air and sea borders.

Elite units will strengthen patrols at strategic points, and teams of all military branches and troops of special tactical units will be deployed.

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