How to record videos that are less heavy on mobile phones to save space

After all the downloaded applications, one of the pieces that come to occupy more space on the mobile is clearly the videos, which may be being recorded in a quality that, perhaps, is not the best one to save space.

The latter is important to emphasize, since nobody is interested in having unhelpful content, recorded in high quality and that they are only consuming the available space of the mobile.

Maybe a couple of videos like these are not very important, but they are never a couple and these are accumulating little by little, and simply when we realize it, we have hundreds or thousands of megas unused. Fortunately, there is a solution for everything and this is no exception, so today we will be showing you how to record lighter videos, in order to save as much space as possible.

Lighter, space-saving ways to shoot videos

– The clearest and simplest way to record light videos is to configure the quality in which they are recorded from the first moment, which will simply solve all the root problems. This could be especially useful if you usually record a high amount of videos and, even taking this into account, it is in your plans to record them in a lower quality than usual.

For this, you must see the settings of your Android or iOS mobile and see what options you have.
– If you have an Android mobile, click on the three white configuration lines in the corner of the screen, or on the icon of a gear wheel.
– Go to the Video Resolution area, or if your mobile is iPhone, go to Settings, go down to the sixth block of applications, access Camera and then Record video.

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– Now you can see on the screen what recording options you have. Keep in mind that the lower the video quality and the lower the number of frames per second (fps), the weight of the video will decrease. The recommended option is 720p at 30 fps.

The procedure is simple and the results do exactly what they say. There are certainly a couple more options for recording lightweight videos, although these are not done natively, mainly due to the fact that third-party applications would have to be downloaded.

Compress recorded video

Another option is to later reduce the quality of the recorded video. For this you can send it to yourself by WhatsApp or Telegram, download the copy sent and delete the original, since both messaging platforms manage to reduce the size of the videos. Another platform that reduces it is Google Photos, so that you can upload the video, let it compress, and later download it compressed.

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