Mayor of San Salvador without official winner

At 12:30 a.m. on March 1, the DSE explored less than 5% of the minutes.

The capital does not yet have an officially defined winner in the municipal elections because at the end of this note (March 1 at 12:30 am) the Supreme Court tribunal has not even examined even 5% of the minutes.

At the time, none of the potential candidates, Ernesto Muschond and Mario Duron, dared to declare themselves winners.

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In 15 of 531 minutes, the new Ideas-Ghana alliance counted 494,000 and the new Ideas 696,000, while Arena received 751,000 votes.

In the final extension of the day, the capital’s mayor Ernesto Mushond expressed concern over the government’s actions in the run-up to the vote, in which he expects his second term with the Arena party.

However, during the afternoon conference he promised: “From now on victory in San Salvador is ours; we will win the capital again.”

San Salvador’s mayor, Ernesto Muஷschond, has voted in favor of Centro Escalar in the Canaan Vio de Escalane. Twitter photo

As he warned, the mayor was hopeful that the people would take into account the plans he promoted, despite the fact that his administration continued to face siege by the administration.

Mario Drone, the candidate for the building chair for the New Ideas Party, also had success delivering different messages on his social networks throughout the day. At night, fireworks erupted about the victory of the party’s Ethelia chair, but then, at the party headquarters, supporters waited for more significant data to mobilize. Until late at night, their candidate had no vision of preparing for any celebration.

During the day, Duran told several journalists he was sure he would win, but at night he showed caution in his social media posts.

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For his part, Mushond said the election campaign was triggered by the indiscriminate use of resources and government agencies.

In this context, in the morning he called on the government not to use the National Civil Police or the Armed Forces during the counting mission, and in the afternoon he called on the international community to be vigilant.

“We call on the embassy, ​​the international community and the Attorney General’s Office to take note of how these next few hours are shaping up, especially after the elections,” he stressed.

“I hope they respect that, even the results of the fraud they have already created have been going on for months,” he said.

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