Match Summary Pachuca vs Toluca (3-1) GOALShalf time

Hidalgo Stadium, Pachuca. /

The devil did not appear Hidalgo Stadium And this Pachuca announced Inaugural Champion 2022 By beating Toluca 3-1 (8-2 overall) So get yours Seventh title in Liga MXIn a packed Hidalgo Stadium and with huge support for the Hidalgo team.

deficiency and Mood Ft It was too much for the Reds, as much as they wanted to, they couldn’t, so, Pachuca The champion lifted the title again, and that hasn’t happened since Completion 2016 while with Diego Alonso on the bench, They beat Rayados de Monterrey 2-1.

The Tusos They hit a snag because 6 months ago, in the same situation, Atlas was a two-time champion And the champion of champions, so after their departure, a historic advantage could not be lost 5-1 in the first leg.

Thus, the coach of the Uruguay team, William Almada Finally a two-time, one-time champion Santos Laguna with another PachucaNo title, but third time’s the charm.

with 5-1 in favor of TusosForced to move towards targets TolucaEven so, Pachuca He sent the first warning with a powerful shot Eric Sanchez In the 13th minute, he stopped with a brilliant shot, the Scarlets goalkeeper, Thiago Volpi.

Toluca He answered and 21 ‘He did 1-0It is put 5-2 overallwhen Raul LopezPachuca released a distant boot that did a trick on the goalkeeper, Oscar Ustari And the ball is saved. The move was born out of a long line Andres Felipe Mosquera who combed, Carlos GonzalezPossession should be left to the fingers.

The celebration was very emotional since a few days ago He lost his mother He dedicated it to heaven.

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The Tusos Tried to convert the advantage to 4 goals Luis Chavez Takes a free kick in the 26′ Wolby The charge was too dangerous and after two minutes he cut and deflected. Marcel Ruiz He entered the area to seize the opportunity Nicholas Ibanez.

Then came the controversy at age 41. Jean Menezes He wanted to clear a ball in the area, first he headed it, then he hit his arm and a penalty was called for, which he promptly scored. Adonai Escobedo.

The play was considered for several minutes VAR, the result was finally confirmed. At 45, he collected it IbanezBut Wolby got to his right and blocked the shot.

It was like spending PachucaBut no, after a few seconds, Victor Guzman wins 1-1 (Total 6-2) By finishing a center inside the area, it looked safe and ended up deflecting a bit, Ferdinand Navarro.

Already in the second half, Ibanez A losing first half saw the game, and with a great goal 51′ made it 2-1 (7-2 Global) in order to kill any Mexican aspirations.

Nico settled on a free kick ChavezHis partner opened the scoring and he freed his right hand to hit Wolby.

Still Ibanez He finished third and eighth overall by keeping the ball in at 67′, which he shot, but on the line, Walber Huerta He denied the score with a header.

In 72′, Hared Ortega Hit a center with his hand Victor Guzman, which was demanded as penalty. The referee was called VAR And it was decided to hit the maximum penalty. He took the ball Gustavo Cabral, Who cashed right Wolby Score to make it 3-1 (8-2 on aggregate).

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After this last goal, Toluca He couldn’t do anything anymore, just a ball Daniel Alvarez Posted in 84′ and just waited for the final whistle Pachuca Celebrate at home

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