On Tuesday he will begin to restore public spaces in Central Ibagué

From November 1 to November 15, the third race is expected to be delivered to the citizens.

Ibagué’s government minister, Milton Restrepo Ruiz, spoke of the restoration of public space that will begin on Tuesday in the city’s downtown area, through the launch of the so-called comprehensive recovery strategic plan.

Initially, the official indicated that in coordination with the authorities, the mentioned plan will be implemented by decree, in order to return the third race of citizens.

“On November 1 starting at 9:00 am, and on the third with 11, the strategic plan for the comprehensive restoration of public spaces will be launched, which will also be a decree integrating the municipal administration and other entities such as Migration and the police.”

In turn, he reported that he had already communicated with unofficial sellers and in the middle of the month it was planned to give the center free of charge to citizens.

“The agreement schedules have already been set up with the street vendors and yes or yes on November 15 we will once again give Ibagué the restoration of public space in the center and some of the surrounding areas that today are the perennial complaint.”

Restrepo noted that the operational capacity of the public space monitors, who would be the intermediaries for the expulsion of vendors, who have mostly retired from the public space force between the military and police, has been enhanced.

“We found a low operational capacity for public space watchers, we went from six to over 60 where a high percentage of those who registered through a public call are military and retired public forces, not because of the concept of oppression but because of the authority that generates a watchman of public places.”

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Finally, he emphasized that “the decree of the strategic plan to restore public space will not at any time provide legitimate confidence, nor will we legitimize the invasion of public space.”

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