Match Summary: Pachuca Vs. Sivas. goals

Chivas prefers to play in the play-in at home, which is why they beat Pachuca 1-0 at the Hidalgo Stadium in their best win as a visitor.

Fernando Ruben Cago's side already have 3 wins in a row as they beat Tusos at home, thanks to a goal luck, but it doesn't matter for Guadalajara who reach seventh place with 25 points. Leaderboard.

Now there are 2 important fights at the end of Clausura 2024, both in Guadalajara trying to reach 31 points.

Pachuca, on a bad streak in Hidalgo

Hidalgo can't shake the bad streak at home as they have 3 defeats in a row at the Hidalgo Stadium, with Guerrero in Matchday 11 and Toluca in Matchday 13 being the previous results against Cago's side this fall.

The tusos at home began to beat the drums and break through the red-white defence. Brian Gonzalez sent the first warning when he took down Pachuca member Alan Moso and hit him, but “Codoro”'s shot went over.

Then Usama Idrissi sent another notice. After two cycles, he was confident and attacked him very hard, Raul Rangel saved without any problem.

Sivas started calmly and calmly. Isaac Prizuela sent an attacking cry with a pass to Roberto Alvarado. The visitors continued and in the 16', “Piojo” received it again from Pavel Perez and the ball flirted with the gpol.

Chivas' 3 best minutes culminated in the 19th minute when Erick Gutierrez released Perez, shot him on goal and Carlos Moreno broke the danger.

Before the break, Chivas pressed first in the 32nd minute with Ricardo Marin unable to direct the goal and sending the ball wide.

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Before the break, Chivas found the target in a fluke. It was 42' when Alan Moso put in a cross from the right, local defender Jorge Berlanga didn't speak to goalkeeper Moreno, and a big mistake ended up in their goal as Gustavo Cabral couldn't clear the danger and scored. Guadalajara's ball 1-0.

In the second half, Guillermo Almada's men came close as they tried to equalise. In the 53rd minute, Nelson Diosa beat him with a left-footed shot that was deflected for a corner kick, and a minute later, Cabral tried to head the ball wide.

Tusos didn't stop and Eric Daniel Sanchez relied on his excellent technique, Jose Castillo unleashed a deflected shot by “Chiquito”.

Norman Micholda at 65 with his head to one side and another shot from “Mako” Diosa with “Tala” Rangel from Bella Irossa provided.

In the final half, Kate Cowell was a headache for Dussos as he picked up a loose ball in the 82nd minute, kept his confidence and hit the sideline; He hit him again a minute later and Moreno drowned out his shout for a goal in the closing stages.

Chivas won the Bella Irosa after Tusos' best efforts failed to produce a tie.

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