Canelo Alvarez won a unanimous decision over John Ryder

Saúl “Canelo Alvarez retained his super middleweight world titles by defeating the Brit by unanimous decision. John RyderSaturday at Akron Stadium in Guadalajara.

The Mexican champion retains the 168-pound belts of the World Boxing Council, the World Boxing Association, the World Boxing Organization and the International Boxing Federation.

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The fight was completely dominated by Canelo, who hurt Ryder’s face with a nosebleed from the fourth episode.

The Brit fell to the canvas in the fifth round and it looked like Alvarez would get his 40th knockout, but Ryder showed courage and got up to continue the fight.

The redhead from Guadalajara had no problem dominating the fight and she demolished her opponent bit by bit.

Ryder visited the canvas again in the eighth episode, but the referee deemed it a pass.

With his win on Saturday, Canelo left his streak at 59 wins, two draws and two losses.

“I am very grateful to all of you, long live Mexico CA…”, Canelo said at the end of the fight.

Canelo returned to his hometown after 12 years, which is why he considered the victory against Ryder so special.

“It was a very emotional night, coming back to Guadalajara and winning the fight was my biggest motivation, I wasn’t able to get a knockout, but you have to admit Ryder is a strong and tough fighter,” Alvarez said.

Canelo said he wants his next fight to be a rematch against Russian Dmitry Bivol.

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around the circle

Round 1

To the cry of Canelo… Canelo… Canelo! The proceedings begin in a packed stadium of over 50,000 fans. It was the first episode where both fighters worked their nerves in the ring without too much damage.

Round 2

Canelo begins to loosen his fists while Ryder ignores his guard and tries to keep his distance to avoid falling prey to the Mexican.

Round 3

Canelo dominates the proceedings, with his right hand he worries Ryder so much that he is very cautious.

Round 4

With Ryder already showing signs of battle on his face and bleeding from his nose, Canelo owns the fight.

Round 5

Ryder falls to the canvas and Canelo hooks him with a right hand to the face. The British stood up and continued the case.

Round 6

Canelo wears down his opponent bit by bit.

Round 7

The Mexican is on track to reclaim his super middleweight titles.

Round 8

Ryder to the canvas but the referee deems it a slip, Canelo’s punishment for the Brit is harsh.

Round 9

Canelo beats the Brit who refuses to go down by knockout.

Round 10

It was only a matter of time before Canelo raised his fist of victory, and his opponent would come up with nothing more.

Round 11

Ryder takes the fight to the last round and Canelo is well aware of that.

Round 12

Finish the fight and there is no doubt that Canelo won the fight.

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