Marvin Monteroza, Allianza Captain: “Henry Hernandez told us that Hugo Carrillo could not have all the money”

Elected albos for their “high” economic claims, said Fesbeth, after the information was released, said their version. Goalkeeper Saladenango and selector point out that he started it all

Football players at a press conference this Thursday Alliance FC, Dissatisfied with demanding the highest rewards accordingly Fesfut, Spoke at a press conference to express their opinion on the situation that provoked all sorts of reactions in Salvador fans.

Six players from the alliance, who came out of the Selecta selection, gave their position in the case, where Fesfat pointed out to ask for money even for defeat.
Marvin Monteroza, Henry Romero and Rodolfo Zelaya were the spokespersons for the conference, along with others involved: Juan Carlos Portillo, Jonathan Jimenez and Narciso Orellana.

In the first part of the announcement, the footballers spoke to reporters without question. In the second volume, there was the intervention of the Alpha leadership, who gave the media a chance to question.

Coalition leader Marvin Monteroza first spoke:

“We want to clarify a lot of things. First we don’t have to go to the national team for the money. At our club (Allianza FC) we are in a state of renewal,” the former Metaban said.

He noted: “We have Mr. We went to talk to Hugo Carrillo, not for us, but for all those who were selected and we went to join our Captain Henry Hernandez, who locked us in another room after Carrillo told us what to classify, a room in the hotel where we were staying, Benji Villabose, Ibsen Castro, Xavi Garcியாa and 11 others. He told us ‘This is an opportunity to extort money. They can’t always be Hugo Carrillo to keep all the money. I’m going to find out how much FIFA gives to the classification and we will do the numbers based on that.

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Monteroza explained that Henry presented what he had inquired about. “We told him he was fine and we would come with him to fix it. He told us: ‘Everyone will catch the eggs, and if we do not accept what they want to give us, they will have a pile of money, which is unlikely to continue.'”

Marvin commented that when he decides to go to a group to ask for offers and gifts, these situations are also normal. “When we were with the president, we said we disagreed and we would not accept it. It had already been talked about by all, and we retained it. But then Henry Hernandez took a step back. Other colleagues told us, Henry was talking to the president, we wanted to jump into the boat, When that doesn’t happen. “

He added: “All we wanted was to join our captain, but we could not move forward, coming from behind, we were because we did not want to be on the national team. One thing is impossible, thank God we do not need it.”

He closed, “Don Hugo found out we didn’t want to be on the national team. I say again, we decided to go with our captain.”

“We never asked for money to lose games. As Allianza players we were like the rubbish of the country,” Allianza’s captain said.

“There are negotiations with players on all the national teams in the world, and I don’t know if they did this with the intention of harming us as players or as an ally,” said Albo team defender Henry Romero.

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“Everything they said about the numbers was wrong. We trust our captain. We separate ourselves from everything that is said about us,” the defender said.

“What they did was unjust, they left us in a bad way, they damaged our image, it was our captain Henry Hernandez who turned us around,” Romero concluded.

“I do not know why I was not at the last concentration. They told me that the national team captains made up the numbers. I told them I was going to support them. The captain had a plan, we wanted to accept it. Said.

“They label us as going to the national team for money, but everyone is negotiating, I’m not in meetings, but I always support my teammates. People talk about things unknowingly, that’s the evil of our football. Are releasing, ”Zelaya added.

“On Friday night he told me about Gobos, I told him I was not going to be on the national team because I was 100% with my teammates. Every day in our football we are getting worse with the media and the players there,” the national team’s historical striker concluded.

For his part, Allianza’s brand manager Sherman Calvo said: “This Wednesday we had a consensus with the players that the first point we made was that the leadership was going to respect the players’ decision on whether or not to participate in the selection call. . ”.

“We firmly believe the statements made by the footballers and we fully support them. They have the right to comment after those comments,” Galvo continued.

“A big problem has been created. I think the losers are the Salvadorans. We canceled the first call because we told Hugo Guerrero that our players were ready to go to the national team, but so far we have not received any feedback,” Allianza vice-president Pedro Hernandez confirmed.

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