Mars Nearby: Rover Perseverance Sends New Gallery Photos After Weeks Offline


29 October 2021 09:42 GMT

The radio connection to Earth was disabled when there was a red planet on the opposite side of the sun that happens once every two years.

Diligence has been sent to the Mars Exploration Vehicle At NASA A collection of new images that have been offline for more than two weeks due to a solar eclipse that began in late September. The radio connection between Earth and Mars was paralyzed when there was a red planet on the opposite side of the sun that happens every two years.

According to Reported Rover’s profile on Twitter last October 25, link Re-established That day and diligence sent back dozens of photos: panoramas of the landscapes of the Jessero Valley (the area he was exploring), as well as the sun and various Selfishness.

Before being dismantled, the vehicle was able to pick one up in early September Rock model He used that period to continue Mars and his chemical analysis. When parked between two rocks, Continued to run on automation pilot And how the wind through their cameras moved the dust around the stones.

The result of this observation is a photograph of an isolated rock between the dunes, selected by a poll of users of the NASA website. ‘Picture of the Week’. On the front you can see the tire tracks left by the vehicle.

Several photos taken on October 23 by a camera mounted on the rover’s mast show a fragment of a rock, the almost straight features of which can be seen very closely.

The SkyCam device, located on the top floor of the diligence and facing the sky camera, took some pictures of the sun from the red planet filtered and unfiltered. At the same time, mast navigation cameras continued to record the terrain of Mars, one of which was marked by a concave horizon and a prominent mountain at its center.

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