Maribili’s ex-boyfriend: “For personal reasons, I have decided to end the relationship”

Contrary to what the model and entrepreneur revealed, Maribili RiverLast Friday, she revealed that she decided to end her relationship with Jose Javier Carrasquillo because of an incident at the Condesa del Mar condominium. Green Island, This afternoon, the ex-fiancé of Maria del Pilar Rivera, the maiden name of the owner of the Bombays store, told her version.

“These are the only revelations I will make on this matter. With this, I would like to announce my breakup with María del Pilar Rivera, better known as ‘Maribile,'” Carrasquillo began in a letter shared by the producer. George Babin “Mollusk” their Social websites.

The model’s ex-boyfriend didn’t deny they were both excited to get engaged and hit the altar, however, those plans are in the past.

“For personal reasons, I decided to end the relationship,” Carrasquillo said.

Carrasquillo added that these were the only statements he would make. Additionally, he disclosed that he will not belong to any public security agency from June 2022.

“However, I congratulate Ms. Rivera and thank you for our time together,” he concluded.

Over the weekend, Maribili shared a series of messages emphasizing her singleness and the process of ending her engagement.

“My heart is in pieces, here I leave my anger, frustration and everything I feel. I’m not afraid of ridicule. It doesn’t matter how many times you stumble and fall, how many times you get up and fight and show your strength as a brave woman. @junnytroche, my coach, thank you for your words today. Lifting my spirits with your ‘boxing’ class”, she wrote in a message posted on her Instagram account, along with a video of herself doing a physical workout.

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