Maribel Cardia’s mother impresses with the same eternal youth as the actress; This photo proves it

Famous actress and TV presenter Maribel Guardia has created hundreds of comments on social media after posting a photo next to her “mother”, in fact she is her older sister, but she has mentioned on several occasions that she is practically a mother to herself. The care she gave him from a young age.

Cardia is currently considered one The most beautiful women in the show businessHis extensive career has led him to work with various personalities in the world of entertainment.

Now on Mother’s Day, the celebrity was surprised with the photo next to her “mom” because she has the same “eternal youth” of the actress who was born in Costa Rica.

Surprise on Maribel and her “mom” network

Below we show this photo commented by various users on social networks like Instagram, which is due to the image of her sister who considers herself a “mom” and does not hesitate to greet on this day.

Let us remember that the driver has faced various controversies ranging from his stormy relationship with singer John Sebastian, known as the “People’s Poet” to various rumors about plastic surgeries.

However, one thing is for sure, from the time she was Miss Universe at a young age, Maribel Cardia knew how to coordinate his success As a recognized woman in the world of entertainment in Mexico, despite the fact that she was not born in this country.

Photo: Screenshot

About his career

Now, the protagonist of soap operas like “I give you life”, “Italian woman is getting married” and “a lucky family” has undeniable talent; However, this was not always the case because it took him two years to appear in soap operas.

Recall that at the age of 19 she stood alone at the International Miss Universe pageant in Acapulco, Mexico, where she won the title of Miss Photogenic presented by the international and Mexican press gathered at the event.

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