Maribel Cardia in love! This is how she shows her muscular husband: Photo

Maribel Cardia has caused a stir on her social networks To display He is not the only suitable person because it is his Husband Marco Sagan Fernandez did not stay Behind.

It has given it Know Through your account Personal From Instagram after posting Photography There he successfully poses happily Entrepreneur She got married.

You can find it in the postcard Maribel Guard Be happy and smile next to her Husband, The same Now justice He caught the attention of Cardia’s followers because he worked hard Impact.

Show your husband

There was the snapshot Captured This couple is one during a fun family trip Popular Restaurant in Mexico City, this one Theme Related Motorcycles, Which is one of my favorite activities Marco Sagan.

They dress the same

In addition to Maribel’s husband’s muscles, there was another thing that undoubtedly attracted attention Followers Of the driver, both were wearing a suit Similar, Undoubtedly a detail Photography.

Let us remember that this is after 13 years Engagement And eight people who lived in a free union, Maribel Guardia and Marco Sagan Fernandez, took a big step in their lives last July 2011 in front of an altar.


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