Maria Celeste Arras: Her YouTube program has surpassed one million views

Miami. “MC Live,” a popular talk show Maria Celeste Araras On his online channel Web light, Has surpassed one million visits, his communications agency said Friday.

Last January, Araras announced the launch of its new weekly program on YouTube It reads “Hispanic world’s leading figures share a life lesson.”

According to a report by the Puerto Rican journalist “The project has become a fan favorite” and has reached one million visits in a very short period of time.

The first person invited to the Arares project was a journalist of Mexican descent Maria Elena Salinas, Now on CBS News, he left Univision after a 37-year career in the media.

Other celebrities who went through “MC LIVE” were Cuban-American singers Gloria Stephen, Puerto Rican presenter and actress Adamari Lopez, Cuban actor Mario Cimaro, Editor Mario Louis Grutzberger, Don Francisco, best known as a writer Isabel Allende Or journalist Mary Antoinette Collins.

“They have all come to open their hearts and share strong, moving and personal stories that have yet to be revealed.” Added.

“For me, it’s an honor to be confident that these celebrities will share the trials they have experienced and how they have overcome them. It is something the public appreciates that they are proving their impact and strength at the same time.”Araras commented.

Arares left the Telemundo channel due to a series of employee cuts promoted by NBC Universal to curb the fall in revenue during epidemics.

“MC Live” is being produced in association with Ora TV, a production studio founded in 2012 by the late journalist Larry King And sponsored by America Movil, Latin America’s largest telephone operator.

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