Margarita Sedeno has announced her aspirations for the presidency of the Republic

Addressing the nation from her social networks, former Vice President of the Republic Margarita Cedeno confirmed her presidential aspirations and announced that she would travel across the country to communicate with all sectors of social life.

In his words, the former vice president expressed his concern about the economic crisis, highlighting the “deterioration of public services” development and the lack of employment and the lack of opportunities for young people in the country to “motivate to work” the next president of the Dominican Republic and serve the country with its hallmark efficiency and solidarity.

In addition, he expressed his concern that those most needed in past administrations did not receive the treatment they received, criticizing the “abandonment of the countryside and the hardships experienced in the cities”.

Likewise, he appealed to the people to “return to the country with joy, unity and hope” to publicly express their aspirations for their experience as a state and their connection with all spheres of national life.

In recent weeks, Cedeño has held various meetings with political figures in the country, most notably with the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), to discuss the situation in the Dominican Republic and the political-electoral panorama at the national level. .

About Margarita Sedeno

Margarita Sedeno is the Vice President of the Dominican Republic in two constitutional terms, the first lady, the legal assistant adviser to the executive and a member of the board of directors of the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications.

He is currently a former Deputy Speaker of the Central American Parliament and a member of the CEDIMAT Board of Trustees.

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In the international arena, he has served as an outstanding ambassador for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, a prominent member of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Vice President of the Global Digital Forum, and a member of the UNDP High Level Management.

He is a lawyer, an expert in corporate law, public management and social security, with an accredited professional and political career related to the needs of the most vulnerable sectors.

As Vice President, he chaired the Dominican Republic’s Cabinet Coordination of Social Policies and promoted the Progressanto Con Solidaridad, an ambitious socio – educational program that promotes human and social development.

She has led various projects to eradicate poverty, close the digital section, promote values ​​and create human capital, such as social technology centers, the Children and Youth Library, the Children’s Thinking Center, the National Himocentre, and the Integrated Development Center for Women. Others.

She has devoted most of her political career to promoting women’s rights because she firmly believes that “communities thrive wherever there are women in power.” Its programs affected more than 100,000 women each year with educational benefits of technical-professional training.

Holds a PhD in Law from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (USST), a Masters in Business Law and Economics, as well as Political Science for Development from the University of Salamanca (2010); As well as complementary courses at the University of Geneva, Switzerland; Georgetown and Harvard, USA.

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