Marathon, with a goal in the ‘laboratory’ game, beat Olympia, Aberdera 2021 – Den scratched in the semifinals

With many warnings in the rugged classics and the Olympics, Marathon He scored first in the playoffs and lost Olympiad (1-0) Aberdura to impress in the semifinals of 2021.

The duo of Kevin Lopez and Modagua defeated UPNFM

The result is low, the coin is still in the air, but the Greens have shown that they want to continue to fight and seek to ring the bell at the National Stadium next Sunday.

Mario Martinez After a good ‘laboratory’ game he scored the only goal of the game (29). When many people believe it Salix Throwing a free shot at the arc, the young midfielder passed the ’10 ‘and he threw the bow. Alex Kitty, Who entered in by the problems he posed Etrick Mengever At the beginning of the game.

The second leg of the repechage will be played at Nacional on Sunday at 4:00 pm, and a whole crowd of merengue fans are expected and tonight is desirable because whites can show another picture.

The party started by controlling Wyke Olympiad With an auction Altamirano And looking for balls in space Pengson. But in 15 minutes Albo had to make the first variation. Etrick Mengever Not realizing he was continuing, he touched his head and asked for medical help to give him space Alex Kitty.

Menziever fainted and gave up the classic game against the marathon

14 minutes after the special guest arrived, it was 29th. Salix Touched the center Mario Martinez A free kick and a left-handed player made it 1-0 and did not forgive the Lions.

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Greens asked for a fine of 32 runs per hand Altamirano Within the area, but Melissa Pastrana, The person responsible for administering justice did not consent to the alleged offense as the ball first struck the Olympian in the thigh.

Pengson He did the same for his team at 39 runs. He threw a low center forward and it hit his arm Carido Within the area, the offender demanded, but Pastrana He also did not fulfill her wish. We went to rest with those controversial plays.

What does it take to advance to the Olympia semifinals?

The scoreboard does not move in the second half. There are no clear chances of ‘Monster’ leaving Mario And Salix For inconvenience. Pedro Troclio, Meanwhile, entered Carlos Pineta And Edwin Rodriguez To give the team more movement, but nothing has changed. Except for one bite shot பெங்குச்சே And another Pengson In the end they were only slightly annoying plays Denovan.

Marathon He dreams of a semifinal and has already taken the first step. Olympiad If he wants to stay alive in the match, he has to change the chip and take that nail out.



Marathon: Denovan Torres, Jose Aguilera, Allan Vargas, Matthias Tegera, Luis Vega; Christian Gallix, Luis Carrido, Isaac Castillo, Mario Martinez; Freelis Lopez and Edwin Solani.

Olympiad: Edrick Menjívar, José García, Brayan Beckeles, Jonathan Paz, Javier Portillo; Jose Pinto, George Alvarez, German Majia, Christian Altamirano; Jerry Benson and Eddie Hernandez.


Marathon: Mario Martinez left for Mayor Queen, Christian Gallix to Selvin Guevara, Frelis Lopez to Brian Castillo and Solani to Michael Santos.

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Olympiad: Alex Quitti was joined by Edrik Menziwar, Carlos Pineda by German Mejia, Edwin Rodriguez by George Alvarez, Jameer Moldonado by Christian Altamirano and George Penguche by Eddie Hernandez.

Yellow cards

Marathon: Luis Vega, Alans Vargas, Mayer Queen, Christian Gallix and Martin ‘Tato’ Garcia.

Olympiad: Jonathan Boss, Eddie Hernandez, Jose Garcia and Carlos Pineta.

No red card

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