Mara Levy opens her heart and talks about her mother’s death: I could not cry Video

Mara Levy He decided to open his heart with his grandmother Talina Fernandez How they both talked about death Mariana Levy, Who was one of the most beloved actresses in the middle of the show.

Mariana Levy was attacked and killed on April 29, 2005 while traveling with her Family, The actress had one Heart attack I lost my life for that. She is remembered as a caring, generous and caring woman who can give everything. Sons, Like Mara Levy, who was in charge of her grandmother.

Fighting by Mara Levy

The young woman decided to open up during her participation Web light Talk about how the death of his grandmother, Talina Fernandez, and his mother affected him at a very young age and adolescence.

Mara Levy reveals that not being able to express her feelings and not being able to cry led her to do it herself Bullying For his classmates who were in school during his youth, the relationship with his grandmother was a phase of complexity.

Mara Levy. Photo: Instagram

I became a super bully in high school and at that time I apologize to those who hurt me, it was not fair, but I was walking very dark, said Mara Levy.

Relationship with Talina Fernandez

Talina Fernandez was able to thank Mara Levy, who was able to make progress and after the death of her daughter Mariana Levy she had to take care of her from the age of nine: she was the reason I did not die when my daughter died.

The actress said she was trapped by her granddaughter when her mother died, and Talina Fernandez said what her granddaughter did after Mariana Levy’s death.

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They also discussed the relationship between Mara Levy And his grandmother, because of his strong character the two clashed, which caused conflicts when Mara was there Adolescents.

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