“April Fools’ Day”: Jill Biden’s comedy that surprised reporters on the plane

Jill Biden via California (Mandel NGAN / Pool / AFP)

First American woman, Jill Biden, Reporters and his team members were surprised when he returned from a trip on Thursday, By dressing up as an flight attendant and serving ice cream in the cabin as April Fools ‘Day comedy (April Fools’ Day in the US).

Your team members, secret service members and journalists They got ice cream from a woman with short black hair, Wearing a black mask and a sign with the name “Jasmine” on it, returned to Washington with the first lady after visiting California.

Five minutes later, Jasmine reappeared in the magazine section, revealing that she was the first woman without Wig..

April Fools (Happy April Fools’ Day)He told reporters.

This will not be Pitton’s first prank for those traveling with him on a plane. According to the American press, she once boarded the overhead box of the Air Force Two, while her husband, Joe Biden, was vice president. He yelled “Pooh!” To the first person to open the cabinet.

A press release on Thursday’s events by reporters “Completely disappointed“, But I know”RelaxBecause no member of the first lady’s own team recognized her in disguise.

Bars of vanilla ice cream with chocolate coating “They were delicious”The report added.

Jill Biden N Delano, California (Mandel Nagan / Pool Via REUTERS)
Jill Biden N Delano, California (Mandel Nagan / Pool Via REUTERS)

Travel to California

Jill Biden praised California farm workers It urged them to stay vaccinated during epidemics and to be vaccinated during visits to agricultural areas of the state.

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“Hey, without the farm workers who harvested our food, or the factory workers who stuffed it, or the grocery store staff who stored our shelves. We will not survive this yearSaid Biden.

He commented on the forty acres that were once the headquarters of the United Farm Workers and are now the vaccination site for those workers. Governor Gavin Newsom joined, Agricultural workers and volunteers celebrate the state holiday that coincides with UFW President Caesar Chavez.

Jill Biden praises California farm workers for their diligence during epidemics (via Mandel Nagan / Pool REUTERS)
Jill Biden praises California farm workers for their diligence during epidemics (via Mandel Nagan / Pool REUTERS)

President Joe Biden has Chavez’s bust in the Oval Office.

The site is Kern County, The largest in the Central Valley of Agriculture, is greatly affected by the epidemic. Three-quarters of the population of the small town of Telano is Latino, a population that has been diagnosed with the number of deaths caused by viruses in the state.

Biden called for farm workers to be vaccinated Pope Francisco People have a moral obligation to be vaccinated. “Each of us has a role to play for ourselves, our families, and those we do not know,” he concluded.

(With information from AFP and AP)

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