Mantero again demanded a space to work and they brought Larita three options The Buenos Aires government kicked them out of Retiro over the weekend

200 families of street workers who were expelled from the vicinity of Retiro Station by the President of the Government of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, in a sudden operation over the weekend and repressed yesterday, They protested again this Tuesday, demanding an answer. “We want space to work. We submitted three proposals to the city government,” Hold one of the evicted vendors.

For her part, the Minister of Development and Habitat for the City of Buenos Aires said, Maria Migliori, you argued this morning that the Buenos Aires government is “always available to find a solution”, But they expelled the so-called “manteros” because “there was a lot of chaos, a lot of illegal sales, and the insecurities started to increase.”

According to the street workers, who make up about 200 families who live on income from street sales, they have offered the government of Buenos Aires to give them a place next to the Belgrano Train, on Inmigrantes Street or in Canada Square. But until now They received no response.

Yesterday, they tried to force negotiations by cutting San Martin Street at the intersection with Avenida del Libertador, in front of the Sheraton Hotel, and were repressed by the city police who arrested one of the evicted workers.

“We work here every day. They put up the fence on Saturday morning without telling us anything. We expected to speak with the city government today but they didn’t give us an answer. We just want to worksaid Roberto, who sells cell phone accessories in front of Retiro Station, holding a sign that reads: “Mr. Larita, we need to work, we want to eat.”

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Despite the Manteros’ claim, the Minister of Development and Habitat insisted, in a conversation with Futurok, that “a comprehensive restoration of public space, We needed to rearrange to be able to carry out the infrastructure work, which is related to the improvement of lighting and safety indicators. “Buenos Aires government works will cover 4,500 square meters of docks and transport hub stations with electrical installation and furniture tuning.

Plan to “Rearrange Public Spaces”

Action Plan for “Reorganization in Public Space”, sAs stated in a statement by the city government, it states that while the recent works, two lanes of Ramos Mejía Avenue will be enabled exclusively for pedestrian circulation between the railway stations, seven bus stops and the two taxi stations will be relocated.

Based on the transfer bus stops, The stops of lines 28, 70, 75, 92, 100, 101 and 150 located in José María Ramos Mejía, between Antártida Argentina and Padre Mugica Avenue, were cancelled, and relocated to hostels located in front of Plaza Canada.

Thus, Line 28 will have the same location as the breakpoint of Line 143; line 70 the same as line 33; Bus 75 will stop where Number 20 currently stops and Line 92 will coincide with Stop 91.

Meanwhile, Line 100 would have the same stopping location as Line 115; 101 at the bus stop on Line 5, and buses 150 will stop where Line 108 currently stops, and the rest of the lines and their stations were not affected by the works.

for his part, Entrances to Belgrano Norte and San Martín Railway Stations are enabled through side doors.

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Meanwhile, the taxi stand in front of the Miter line railway station continues in its usual location and the one in front of the Belgrano Norte railway station runs parallel to the ramparts.

The stops in front of the bus stop on Ramos Mejía Street in front of Antártida Argentina Street operate.

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