Maluma talks for the first time about her relationship with Kim Kardashian; That said

After the rumors that arose about the relationship with the Colombian singer Maluma With an American businessman Kim Kardashian, For the first time, The translator of “Felice los Quattro” talked about it.

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What does Maluma have to do with Kim?

In an interview with L’Officiel Hommes, the 27-year-old Colombian did not know how the rumor came about, but confirmed that the two are now just friends.

Besides Kim, he also explained that he met her during a Dior costume show that his sister Courtney also attended.

In turn, he recalled that people everywhere on social media started talking about it, and at the time the businessman may have been rumored to have split as a result of his separation from his former partner, singer and rapper Kanye. West.

Maluma, on the other hand, promised to talk to her, but the two only have a friendly relationship.

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What did Kim say about this?

Meanwhile, the socialist had long ago promised that she and Maluma would be close, but they were not dating in a romantic way.

At a meeting attended by the cast of “Keeping Up With the Kardashian” with Andy Cohen, the model referred to the “Hawaiian” singer as a “good guy” and revealed that the times she saw him were in Miami.

In turn, the 40-year-old businessman said she has not been dating anyone since her breakup with her ex-husband Kanye West, with whom she has been married for seven years and had four children.

What happened to Kanye West?

For his part, it was revealed that he was cheated on several occasions when he recently married an American rapper businessman, according to a statement from a person close to Kanye.

In addition, the singer moved out of his luxurious mansion in the already hidden mountains and recently bought a small apartment that is no less than Belgium.

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